Covid is not over, caution is needed on reopening –

Covid is not over, caution is needed on reopening –
Covid is not over, caution is needed on reopening –

From the G7 in Oxford among the health ministers, Roberto Speranza returns to Rome happy, indeed enthusiastic. For the great harmony between Draghi’s Italy e Biden’s United States, for the commitment to find an agreement on the international green pass and for the drive to accelerate the vaccination campaign on a global scale. The hardest days are behind us – the analysis that the minister shared in the meetings and bilateral meetings with his counterparts in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Japan, the United States and Canada – But we need to speed up a lot on vaccination and keep an attitude absolutely gradual on the easing of measures, because the game is not yet closed.

In the same hours in which Speranza was passing from one meeting to another at the Oxford University headquarters, which saw the birth of the whey then produced by AstraZeneca, at Palazzo Chigi the government was (laboriously) finding an agreement on the seats at the table in the white areas. Minor issue, which allows the minister to relaunch the key points of his strategy to combat Covid-19: We need to move forward with the gradual approach and reopening the business one step at a time, with confidence and caution, because if we rush too much we risk paying a price.

The Italian minister spoke at length about it with his colleagues from the G7, convinced that the real emergency is to vaccinate the weakest countries: The first reason to do it ethical, given the sensational inequality that sees 90% of vaccines administered in the eight or nine richest countries. The second reason is the fear that, if we let the virus run in three quarters of the world, variants will develop that risk making us go back. For Speranza, this virtuous mix of moral values ​​and interests should lead the strongest countries to help the many who are left behind as soon as possible: The real emergency is to vaccinate the poorest countries. The crucial goal of the second half of the year will be to give as much money, more doses and more resources as possible to get people vaccinated.

The United States pushes for the suspension of licenses and Hope supports President Joe Biden’s proposal. At the top, the Italian minister made an axis with his American counterpart Xavier Becerra, who wanted to know in detail how our universal health system works. the idea that if you are ill you have the right to be cured, regardless of your financial conditions, Speranza proudly replied.

The global green pass remains a mirage for now. The acceleration that the minister hoped for on a world scale is not yet seen: In the final declaration it will be written that i G7 countries pledge to work for reciprocity of green certifications. Italy is in the lead group and has already implemented the digital infrastructure, we are ready to proceed as soon as the conditions are in place at European level. The Minister of Leu also met the EU Commissioner for Health, Stella Kyriakides, to which he essentially said that Europe must wake up, must be faster in the vaccine approval process and in the purchase of new doses. The reflection that Speranza shared with the German Jens Spahn that a worldwide drug agency would be needed to coordinate better, make criteria and rules more homogeneous and arrive at single guidelines.

From Oxford, the Minister of Health also comments on the departure in Italy of vaccinations for minors with Pfizer serum, starting from 12-year-olds: excellent news, also in view of the restart of the next school year that for the Draghi government a priority. We have to tell ourselves frankly and with great force, vaccines are the fundamental weapon to end this season. This morning the meeting with Matt Hancock, Secretary of State for Health of the United Kingdom and, at the close of the summit, the meeting on global health security and the working table entitled Antimicrobial Resistance and Digital.

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