the new rules for the Lombardy white zone

the new rules for the Lombardy white zone
the new rules for the Lombardy white zone

04 June 2021 07:04

While Lombardy is about to (finally) become a white zone, new rules could apply to the band considered to be at lower epidemic risk. “Things are better, now we need to continue on a gradual path, because it is right to reopen but step by step since too long a step could make us pay a price “, said in recent days the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza.

But what could be the limits applied in Lombardy promoted to white? In the case of diners at the tables in the premises (for now there is a maximum of four people), the government and the Regions have finally found the square with a compromise: no outdoor limit and a maximum of six indoors or in any case two families. Therefore, even in Lombard bars and restaurants it should be possible to have lunch and dinner – outside – without restrictions on the number of people present at the table; while indoors you should be able to sit six. The agreement reached will be formalized by an order by Minister Speranza.

Furthermore, the limit of people could also extend to travel to private homes. Each house could accommodate up to a maximum of six guests excluding minors. This would be a novelty with respect to the rules that had been contemplated for the white zone. Meanwhile the virologist Roberto Burioni, professor at the Vita-Salute San Raffaele University in Milan, defines the discussion on the number of seats at the table in restaurants as “important” but conducted in a “surreal” way. In an intervention on the ‘MedicalFacts’ website he founded, the scientist points out that “no one, neither the institutions, and surprisingly not even the restaurant associations, has brought up the most important element from a health point of view: who is he at the table vaccinated or not vaccinated? “.

“The current discussion on the number of seats that should be granted to restaurateurs at each table to reopen restaurants safely” in the Covid era “is important”, writes Burioni, because “if it is true that too lax decisions could lead to dangers it is equally true that unnecessarily severe decisions would cause further avoidable economic damage to a sector that has already been terribly affected by the events of the last 15 months. However, I find this discussion conducted in a completely surreal way “, not considering precisely the key factor. “Why”, and “it is good to say, as this is the indisputable and undeniable scientific reality – the virologist points out – if there are vaccinated people at the table it is one thing, if there are unvaccinated people it is another. Someone should have the courage to start discussing it seriously “.


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