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“7000 deaths in one month, great …”

“7000 deaths in one month, great …”
“7000 deaths in one month, great …”

Professor Andrea Crisanti, director of the laboratory of microbiology and virology of the University of Padua, returns to criticize the reopening. According to the microbiologist, the Italian one was a gamble: “In this fantastic month there have been 7000 deaths, we are about to overcome England and become the first country in Europe for mortality. I make a paradoxical reasoning. Even if nothing had happened, Would it have been right to release the brake on the Mottarone cableway? We took an unnecessary risk “with the reopening decided on April 26th. Professor Andrea Crisanti, a guest of Piazzapulita, does not change his mind after having judged the decision to proceed with the reopening incorrect at the end of April. “England had indicated the way forward: today it has 2-5 deaths, we have 70. We are talking about a very successful month, in this period we have had 7000 deaths. At the end of this epidemic I want to be remembered as a person prudent, not optimistic or pessimistic, “says Crisanti. The numbers from the hospitals say that the pressure on healthcare facilities is steadily declining.

For the future “the duration of vaccine protection will have an impact on the whole system: one thing is if it lasts 9 months, another is if it lasts 18. We then need vaccines that can be administered with a single dose”, explains Crisanti.

Could the virus have escaped from a lab? “Possible, but difficult to prove”

The theory of an artificial origin of the coronavirus has recently resumed. “It is true that the genetic editing processes have made exceptional progress, but if we change a piece of the DNA of a virus it is as if we were putting a new page in a 16th century book. proved the presence of a new page in an old book “, says Crisanti. Could the virus have escaped from a lab? “Possible, but difficult to prove”, says the professor, emphasizing a general question linked to the dependence of scientific laboratories on defense ministries in different countries. “The discussion on this topic has great merit: it sheds light on very high security laboratories that directly depend on the Ministry of Defense”.

Everyone would like to put the Covid era behind them and forget it, but where are we really now in Italy? Summer, says Crisanti, “must be lived with responsibility. Just look at what happens in England, which is two months ahead of us”. A mirror of the possible future with reopening and re-increase of infections, because “let’s remember, that only one dose or two has been made, however the protection from Covid-19 that vaccination gives is not 100%, and when it is not reached herd immunity, as has not yet been done even in the UK, the danger of broadcasting is present “. The infections are decreasing, but the expert warns: “I have some doubts that these numbers reflect the current situation in Italy, there are too few tests that are done. Instead, it is evident, it would be important to do them and trace the cases. Again we are losing an opportunity, doing the opposite of what is needed. Instead, the fewer cases there are, the more you have to do the tests, if you want to have an impact “. No free all, then. Crisanti has been saying this for some time, and only time will tell if his prudence is excessive or not.

Meanwhile, Undersecretary for Health Costa explains that with the vaccination campaign running, at the end of July-beginning of August, the doses of protection from the coronavirus distributed will likely be 75 million. And with these numbers it is easy to imagine that the obligation of outdoor masks will fall. “We need signs of re-appropriation of collective freedoms”.

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