Covid, Andreoni (Simit): “Now real closure and vaccination campaign as in Israel and GB”

Covid, Andreoni (Simit): “Now real closure and vaccination campaign as in Israel and GB”
Covid, Andreoni (Simit): “Now real closure and vaccination campaign as in Israel and GB”
Rome, 2 April 2021 – “After 14 months we can say that the Italian system has not worked”, therefore “at this moment we have to implement a rigid plan according to the vaccination campaign. greater rigor for at least 2, 3 weeks to have a different pace and arrive at the end of June-beginning of July to the herd immunity which is fundamental “. Massimo Andreoni, Scientific director Turkish bagel, Italian Society of Infectious and Tropical Diseases, at Agorà on Rai 3.

“These leopard spot closures, these openings and closings have not worked. We have suffered, let’s say, with no particular benefit compared to other countries that have adopted different strategies. I think at least right now we have to do one true closure, a real vaccination campaign, and reach out to gods results like those of other countries see Israel and Great Britain“.

It shares the reopening of the school up to sixth grade even in the red zone provided for by the new government decree for after Easter? “I am sorry but no”. And he states: “The 25 thousand cases a day and the 500 deaths a day must lead us to do some consideration. Allowing all this to be maintained and even throwing fuel on the fire by opening for two days – he argued, referring to the opening in Lazio on the 30th and March 31 -. I understand little, even as a grandfather. The meaning of sending the children to school for 2 days is difficult for me to understand except certainly that of determining some small outbreak, which we thus rekindle. These are the numbers – he insisted – which show that the Italian strategy did not work “. Could it have been expected with the reopening of schools, also considering the variants of the virus? “Certainly yes – he replied – we are witnessing one resumption of the epidemic in a strong way linked to the variants that are running“.

At Agorà this morning the governor of Emilia-Romagna, and president of the State-Regions Conference, Stefano Bonaccini. “Well” did the government “take a precautionary principle” in the anti-Covid restrictions and, given that the contagion curve “goes down quite slowly, we must to avoid the risk of falling back into the drama due to the rush to reopen in two days“, he said. However, underlines the governor, it is necessary” to try to establish a horizon for some categories that are in the drama. “Bonaccini cites as an example the world of ‘wedding’,” which has not worked for a year and a half “, but even hairdressers and beauticians where there is a risk of unauthorization. “The choice of the Government finds me in agreement and I appreciated that President Draghi said that in a few weeks on the basis of the data we will check if it will be possible” to hypothesize openings, he added. Bonaccini “we must take the individual categories, see where there would be few risks, where there would be more, and modulate to meet, when it can be done, to give prospects” for reopening.

Bonaccini says that “if the doses that were supposed to arrive had arrived in Italy, we would not have solved all our problems but we would certainly be here in talk about another scenario“. And he concludes:” I want to be confident that in six months we will have vaccinated all Italians – underlines Bonaccini -. If this were not the case, it would mean that multinational corporations who had a shameful behavior in the first three months of this year would continue to fail to sign contracts “.

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