Coronavirus, from Borgo Valsugana to Lavis here are the largest Covid-free centers. In Trento only 44 active positives. 3 new cases in Predazzo

TRENTO. Predazzo, San Giovanni di Fassa, Mezzano in the last 24 hours they recorded more infections than the capital Trento which continues to reduce the number of active positives reaching only 44 infections current (on 25 November, again in the yellow zone, they were 2,501). And then there is Levico which continues to remain the first municipality Covid-free among the ten most populous in the province e Lavis than with his own 2 active positives is the second closest to this result (then there is Arco which has 3, Mezzolombardo 4, Mori 5 and Ala 6).

As for the large centers, as mentioned, Trento has 44 positives active for 0.037% of the infected population, Rovereto 12 for a 0.30% of infected population, Pergine 11 active positives and 0.051% of infected residents, Riva del Garda 12 positive and one 0,068% of positive residents.

Covid free also Cles, Borgo Valsugana, Mezzocorona, Primiero San Martino di Castrozza and Brentonico and Caldonazzo while they have 1 contagion Vallelaghi and Avio (according to top 30 most populous centers in Trentino).

Today the positives found they are only 19 but in the face of very few tampons (629) for a contagion / tampon ratio that rises again to above 3%. Of these new infections 5 are among children and boys: 2 have between 0-2 years, 2 between 6-10 years, 1 between 14-19 years. Yesterday there were 44 quarantined classes. Good news for the older categories place that is not there no contagion in the 60-69 years and 70-79 years, while there is only one among the over 80s.

Here’s where the 19 cases from the last 24 hours were found

Predazzo, San Giovanni di Fassa, Mezzano 3 new infections

Trento and Fiavé 2 new infections

Ala, San Michele, Giovo, Altavalle, Rumo, Massimeno 1 new contagion

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