Covid vaccine for everyone in Liguria: the official booking calendar for ages 12 and up

Covid vaccine for everyone in Liguria: the official booking calendar for ages 12 and up
Covid vaccine for everyone in Liguria: the official booking calendar for ages 12 and up

Genoa. The vaccine booking calendar anti-Covid for all age groups in Liguria. Basically from 10 June onwards all Ligurians will be able to book to receive the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine. An acceleration arrived in the evening after Toti had expressed doubts in the morning about the advisability of leaving immediately, as has been done by other Regions. The assurances of the commissioner on the availability of doses led to the development of the plan, albeit with forms of caution to avoid inefficiencies and gatherings.

From 11.00 pm tomorrow (June 4th) people in the range can make an appointment on 35-39 years, from Monday to Monday also at the toll-free number 800 938 818, pharmacies that carry out the Cup service, ASL cup counters and hospitals.

From 11.00 pm on Monday 7 June the vaccine reservation for the age group 12-18 years (completed) through the dedicated portal and, from the following day, also through the other channels: “On Monday, free choice pediatricians have already been summoned – said the president of the Liguria Region and councilor for Health Giovanni Toti -. Let’s start with them first because they will have a specific line ”.

Tuesday 8th June we will start with the fascia 30-34 years (on the portal at 11 pm, on all other channels from 8.00 am on Wednesday 9 June).

Wednesday 9 June at 11.00 pm reservations will open for the 25-29 years old (at 8.00 on Thursday 10 June on the other channels)

Thursday 10th June at 11.00 pm you can also book all adults in the age range 18-24 (at 8.00 on Friday 11 June on the other channels).

All other age groups can already book themselves through all available channels.

As for the underage teenagers (12-18 years), vaccinations will take place starting from 10 June and each ASL will choose the points where to open an administration line. Among these there will certainly be the Fiera di Genova, but the goal is to involve i pediatricians of free choice so that they can also treat the anamnesis with specific skills. To get vaccinated you will need the parental consent and the reservation will be made in the same way as adults.

“Tomorrow we will arrive at million doses administered – Toti said again – today we have slightly decreased in the percentage administered / delivered because today we have received a quantitative importance of vaccines. So in fact, from 10 June all the Ligurian population over 12 years old will be able to get vaccinated ”.

For those who want to shorten the times, others will be provided open day online aimed at all adults wishing to book the vaccine on a voluntary basis AstraZeneca O Johnson & Johnson which at the moment are recommended as a priority to the over 60s.

The network of pharmacy which will carry out the vaccination service: from Friday 11 June, 48 new pharmacies will be active throughout Liguria for a total of 160.

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