the bulletin of June 3, 2021

the bulletin of June 3, 2021
the bulletin of June 3, 2021

The Coronavirus in Sicily still retreats: in the last 24 hours there are 254 new cases, identified on 11,716 processed molecular and antigenic swabs. The positivity rate is stable at 2.16% (yesterday it was 2.12%, 289 new cases out of 13,571 swabs). There are another 3 deaths and therefore the total number of victims due to Covid, on the island, rises to 5,858.

The balance of hospital beds also continues to decline: ordinary hospitalizations are 413 (-8, yesterday there were 421) and 46 those in intensive care (yesterday they were 47) with only one new daily admission. Instead, 186 newly recovered and 8,763 are currently positives, 8,304 of whom in home isolation.

This is the distribution of cases province by province: Palermo 47, Catania 71, Messina 4, Syracuse 26, Trapani 37, Ragusa 53, Caltanissetta 5, Agrigento 1 and Enna 10.

Reservation of vaccines over 16

It took just over an hour to register the sold out. At the start of the last phase of the vaccination campaign, that aimed at people aged between 18 and 39, about five thousand bookings were registered through the system created by the Covid Emergency Commissioner Office for the hub of the Mediterranean Fair. The registrations that arrived yesterday – despite the official opening date being June 3 – concerned the slots available until June 18. For the following weeks it will be necessary to wait for the delivery of new supplies of vaccines, in order to determine how to distribute the stocks in the various points.

Over ten thousand booked until Saturday 19 June. The appointments were made within a few hours, between the evening of June 2 and the morning of 3. Reservations were staggered and limited to blocks of a few hundred a day to better distribute the influxes. By today, based on the daily bookings received on the Fair’s online platform, it is estimated that around 500 vaccinated over 16 – under 40 will be at the provincial hub. “We have expanded the booking possibilities on the Fiera platform, after the many requests received by our help desk – declared the Covid Commissioner of the Metropolitan City of Palermo Renato Costa -. It is exactly the answer we expected: we have noticed that the more you go down with age, the less hesitation you have towards the vaccine. Already the maturing boys had shown us that they fully understood that mistrust is unjustified. The imperative is to be reborn, to take back one’s life and young people, in particular, can’t wait to do so “.

At 4 pm, almost 120,000 Sicilians under the age of 40 had already booked on the regional platform to receive the vaccine. During the day, taking as a reference the entire range of those entitled to it, a total of 130 thousand bookings have been made so far. “There is a strong participation and the youngest seem to respond with greater reactivity than other generational groups”, specify from the Department of Health in commenting on the data of the first hours of agendas open to the under 40s. The updating of the vaccination campaign planning is the first dossier on the table of the councilor Ruggero Razza, who today initiated an initial discussion with the aim of giving a further impulse to the campaign, taking into account the vaccine delivery schedule. The vaccination campaign also goes on for those who are most disadvantaged and in difficulty. Tomorrow, June 4, the appointment with “Beside the last ones” returns, the initiative to bring the vaccine to those living in particular conditions of social marginalization. At 3 pm the vaccinators will stop at the Albergheria, to vaccinate about one hundred people against the Le Balate association.

Coronavirus, the bulletin from Italy

  • Current cases: 205,562 (-4,488)
  • Deaths: 126,342 (+59)
  • Healed: 3,893,259 (+6,392)
  • Total cases: 4,225,163 (+1,968)
  • Admissions: 5,717 (-141)
  • T.I.: 892 (-41)  T.I.: in/out: 24/65
  • Buffers: +97.633 Tested: +35.665 Moleculars: +62.025 Rapid: +35.608 Buffers: 2.0% (+0.7) Tested: 5.5% (+1.1) Molecular: 3.1% (+0.8) Rapid: 0.2% (0)
  • Vaccines: +239.302

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