reserved users moved to Confindustria-

reserved users moved to Confindustria-
reserved users moved to Confindustria-

“Dear user, following the closure of the Nuvola-Eur vaccination center, your appointment for vaccination against Covid 19 has been automatically moved to the Confindustria vaccination center situation in via Tupini 65”. This is the text of the message that today reached many users who took the first dose of AstraZeneca in the Nuvola vaccination hub.

An unexpected closure but with an explanation. The Cloud, where AstraZeneca was previously administered, was then transformed into a Pfizer center. This entailed the risk of confusion in the timing of the recalls. So instead the two things have been distinguished: the first and second Pfizer zones remain in the Cloud. At the Confindustria technology auditorium, inaugurated a few days ago, the activity with AstraZeneca will be concentrated.

196 new Covid cases have been registered in Lazio in the last 24 hours, 15 less than yesterday. Six, therefore two more, the deaths. And if the number of hospitalizations is increasing, which are now 843, or 5 more than yesterday, intensive care decreases where the number of beds occupied are 134, nine less.

The positivity rate, out of 10 thousand swabs carried out, goes back to 1.8%. The positives, almost all in Rome city, are 123, while in the other provinces there were 26. As for the victims, on the other hand, one was notified in the capital, four in the vicinity and one in Latina.

After the AstraZeneca over 18 open week sold out, reservations for Saturday and Sunday were reopened at 3pm today. Over 11 thousand doses have been added, of which 8 thousand have already been booked in the first hour. The procedure is always the same with the virtual ticket on the app and ufirst website.

Also schedule the next opening dates for reservations. From midnight on Sunday, age groups 39-35 (born 1982-1986) will be able to make an appointment for vaccination. From midnight on Tuesday 8 it will be the turn of the 34-30 year-olds (therefore born in 1987-1991). At the same time, but on Thursday 10 it will be 29-25 years old (all those born between 1992 and 1996). Finally, next Sunday, June 13, 24-17 year olds (born 1997-2004) will be able to book. Finally, from 15 June the age group 12-16 years (born 2009-2005) who, however, will have to contact the pediatrician of free choice or general practitioner who is assisted.

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