what does the list mean and what is it

what does the list mean and what is it
what does the list mean and what is it

At the time of vaccination, it is possible that your doctor will put you on a list of temporary unsuitable for the anti-Covid vaccine. Here because

The vaccination campaign proceeds quickly and we have already arrived at the mass vaccination phase, but perhaps not everyone still knows that one can be included in a list of temporary non-suitable for anti-Covid vaccines. What does it mean? Let us try to explain it and find an answer to all the questions that this sort of classification can raise.

First of all it is good to remember that when you go to the vaccination center to which you have been assigned to receive the vaccine injection, you must fill out a survey which is indispensable foranamnesis. In fact, in many cases, especially with the elderly, it is the doctors themselves who ask the patient the questions, so you don’t have to physically fill in anything, just sign the consent form. Those who are more familiar with the internet, however, can already download and fill in the anamnestic questionnaire even before going to the vaccination center and save time.

List of temporary unfit: what it is –

When the doctor views the completed questionnaire or when he asks you questions, he may decide to put you on the list of temporary ineligible. Why? The answer is obviously that the doctor who is giving you the vaccine is not safe that you are in a position to receive it without taking risks, for this reason it puts you in the list and suggests what to do.

At this point the question a patient will certainly ask himself is: if my vaccine is postponed do i have to book again? The answer may depend on the Regions and the vaccination center to which you go, but usually an agreement is reached with the doctor and you do not have to repeat the booking. In this case, in fact, we do not speak of a refusal and we do not go “in line”, but simply we must fulfill tasks before vaccination can be carried out, for your safety and to safeguard your health.

In short, if a doctor puts you on the list of temporary unfit for the vaccine, do not blame him and do not think at all that you would have done better to omit certain information: it is much better to proceed with caution and if the doctor thinks they are further investigations required it is good to listen to him.

What happens if you are not eligible for the Covid vaccine –

It is good to specify the condition of “Unsuitability” for the anti-Covid vaccine it is in the vast majority of cases only temporary. When you go to the vaccination center on the day of your reservation and do not leave vaccinated after your appointment it is not certain that you will never be vaccinated, but simply that some steps are necessary before proceeding with the inoculation of the due dose.

In general it can be very useful, before your vaccination appointment, consult your primary care physician, who is aware of all your medical history, because he will be the first to give you really useful information for the purposes not only ofeligibility or not to the anti-Covid vaccine, but also to the type of vaccine which is recommended in your case. In fact, it is very likely that, based on your medical history, an mRNA vaccine (therefore Comirnaty by Pfizer or Moderna) or one with a viral vector (therefore Vaxzevria by AstraZeneca or Janssen by Johnson & Johnson) is preferable. If when you go to the vaccination center you tell the doctor that you have to inoculate the dose that you have already spoken to your GP and you tell him everything he said, he will surely follow the instructions of the colleague.

Why you may be ineligible for the Covid vaccine –

I reasons why you can be included in the list of temporary unsuitable candidates to the anti-Covid vaccine are mainly three:

  • Yes is sick at the time of the appointment. It is likely that your booking will fall on a day when you are unwell, have a fever and therefore cannot receive the vaccine. The appointment will be postponed until you are well;
  • seven waiting for the result of a swab. If you have been in contact with positives or have experienced any symptoms of Covid, you must swab and if the vaccination appointment falls on a day in which you do not yet know the result of the test, you must first know if you are positive or negative, otherwise you cannot get vaccinated. It may happen that the doctors of the vaccination center are able to know the result of the swab you have undergone directly and therefore if you have taken the test, but you still do not have the result, you should still try to go to the appointment and ask whether doctors are able to know the result even if it has not yet been communicated to you;
  • in the supply available to the vaccination center there is no vaccine best suited for you. It may happen that when you go to receive your dose of vaccine and you are a subject for which a type of vaccine is indicated, if the one you need is not there you will be included in the list of temporary unsuitable people. For example: Your doctor or vaccination center doctor, based on your medical history, thinks a messenger RNA vaccine is best for you, but at that time there are only viral vector vaccines in the center: you will be sent back to a another day when a messenger RNA vaccine is available;
  • you need a consultation or an in-depth study on your condition. This happens especially if you are a subject allergic or if you have had one in the past anaphylactic shock. In particular, if these episodes have occurred following other previous vaccinations, an investigation may be essential. In most cases, one will be recommended visit to an allergist or tests to identify with certainty all your allergies.

We remember and emphasize instead that if you refuse the vaccine dose because you would like another one (for example you refuse AstraZeneca without reasons deriving from your medical history) you are not included in the list of temporary ineligible persons, but you will be queued and therefore you will probably have to wait for months before being able to vaccinate and it is not even certain that you will get a vaccine other than the one you refused. It is not in fact possible to choose the vaccine, but it is the doctor who chooses it based on the anamnesis.

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