“In autumn theoretically out of a pandemic”

“In autumn theoretically out of a pandemic”
“In autumn theoretically out of a pandemic”

In the fall, we may be out of the coronavirus pandemic. This is the forecast, reported to Adnkronos Health, by Pier Luigi Lopalco, epidemiologist and health councilor of the Puglia Region. “Theoretically, if Covid vaccine deliveries are confirmed, by July we may have offered everyone vaccination with at least the first dose he says – This means we will arrive in the fall with the fully vaccinated population. If the vaccines confirm efficacy so far. demonstrated, this means the end of the pandemic season in our country “.

“The limit of diners at the table cannot ignore their vaccination status. If 10 vaccinated people are seated at a table, the situation is certainly safer than a table of 8 unvaccinated”, is Lopalco’s reflection on the limit of diners in indoor venues on which the Government and Regions are confronted today.

“Discussing this limit without evaluating other very important factors such as air exchange and, above all, the vaccination status of diners, makes little sense. In this phase of the pandemic, however, with a low viral circulation and an increasing share of the vaccinated population , exceeding the number of 4 is possible and, even more, it is possible to foresee an extension to the open “, concludes Lopalco.


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