Covid, the commissioner Lopalco “That’s why we are open to all age groups”

Covid, the commissioner Lopalco “That’s why we are open to all age groups”
Covid, the commissioner Lopalco “That’s why we are open to all age groups”

Bari – «It is in the pockets of the unvaccinated population that the virus continues to circulate and do damage, even among young people. This is why we have opened, according to the instructions of Commissioner Figliuolo, to all age groups ».

This was stated by the Apulian Health Councilor, Pier Luigi Lopalco, on the sidelines of the start of the Covid @ home project of the ASL of Bari for the home rehabilitation of recovered patients. From today in Puglia you can book under 40s up to 35 years old.

“The coronavirus can be a bad infection even for those who are younger and have no pathologies – he added – that’s why in Puglia, once all the most fragile people and the vast majority of people over sixty have been made safe , we must achieve high coverage among the youngest. In the fall, if we do not use this moment of the summer break to complete the vaccination campaign, we will see people in hospital again because they have not been vaccinated. This phenomenon is already visible in other countries such as the United Kingdom ».

The commissioner then recalled that “in a few days it will also be the turn of children aged 12 to 15: we are only waiting for the official communication from the Ministry of Health to start vaccinating even the most fragile and then, during the summer, we will vaccinate teenagers, students, university students to start school and university in presence and safety ».

«We are trying to offer vaccination to everyone – he concluded – and we will do it all summer, Saturday, Sunday, August 15th without respite and without stopping. My message to everyone is: get vaccinated ».

IN 22 THOUSAND WAITING ON THE SITE FOR BOOKING – The possibility for under 40s to book the anti-Covid vaccine opened at 2 pm in Puglia. Reservations are unlocked for age groups up to 16 (in one week) and can be made on the website at the toll-free number 800.71.39.31 and in pharmacies affiliated with the FarmaCup system. In particular, from today, those born between 1982 and 1986 can book. In queue on the portal of the Region, just over half an hour after the start of the reservations, there are already over 22 thousand people waiting. From 2 pm on 5 June, they will be able to book the 1987-1991 age groups, from 7 to those born between 1992 and 1996, from 9 to 1997-2001 and from 11 June for those born between 2002 and 2005. The population group between 39 and 16 years in Puglia is equal to about one million people. Until now, the vaccine doses administered (data updated at 6.08) are 2,429,177, 91.8% of the 2,646,505 delivered (third region in Italy after Lombardy and Marche).

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