Restaurants, no limits to outdoor diners in the white area, while indoors maximum 6: there is the yes of the government

The limit of 4 people at the table in white area outdoors, while indoors it will be raised to 6 (e not in 8, as filtered by the Regions in the afternoon) in the next two weeks and then be deleted. As for the indoor restaurants in the white zone – within the limit of six people at the table – there will be a maximum of two families. It is not yet clear whether the provision, which emerged in the light of the technical meeting that took place this morning – will be contained in a specific order.

This would be the orientation expressed by government at the technical table convened after interpretative chaos created around the norm governing the maximum limit of diners. The proposal had come from Conference of the Regions and what would be the point of fall is left to filter right from sources of the Regions. President Massimiliano Fedriga it would also have raised the opportunity to evaluate theabolition of outdoor limits also for yellow areas and, in this regard, he would have undertaken to involve the national technical table.

Between Tuesday and Wednesday, in the first days of the indoor seating reopening, the limit to diners in the white zone created friction and quarrels within the government and even within the Ministry of Health. All the fault of an opposite interpretation between the Regions and the executive, which triggered the position taken by the Minister of Regional Affairs Mariastella Gelmini. And also the Undersecretary of Health, Pierpaolo Sileri, he had asked cancellation of the limit. So in the end the government decided to remedy with a technical table that decided to review the rules established in the previous decrees giving the green light again to the tables. For the moment, only in the white area.

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