“Devastating indirect effects on children”. The details – Corriere dell’Umbria

“Devastating indirect effects on children”. The details – Corriere dell’Umbria
“Devastating indirect effects on children”. The details – Corriere dell’Umbria

Alarm about the consequences of Covid about the boys. “It has certainly brought about demonstrations and milder direct effects in the pediatric range, ma very serious indirect effects, such as altering the lifestyle “, said Annamaria Staiano, president of the Italian Society of pediatrics (Sip), a Good morning its Sky Tg24. The expert spoke of lifestyles altered by the impact of Sars-CoV-2 for the youngest. An alteration that can be observed on some fundamental aspects, highlighted: the first is “the power supply: during the pandemic, with the lockdown, food schedules have completely altered, with an increase in overweight and obesity“, he stressed.

And so too “la sedentary lifestyle – explained Staiano – has led to an increase in obesity. The pandemic has reduced physical activity, which is important for children and for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. That’s why, he reiterated, it is important to vaccinate children as soon as possible and before a new school year opens. Returning to school safely is important: let’s give kids an optimal quality of life again, let’s get them back to a life as normal as possible. And returning to school safely means normality for these children “, he commented. A return to life that also passes through the vaccination campaign for the little ones, he concluded.” It is important vaccinating children against Covid for various reasons that go from individual protection to general safety, as we need to vaccinate as much as possible to increase the share of herd immunity and for block the circulation of the virus also avoiding the possibility of developing further variants “, Staiano reiterated.

As for the opportunity to impose the shield injection, But, “my personal opinion is: not yet. Considering that the benefit-risk ratio of the vaccine for them is lower than in populations more at risk, for now I would not make it mandatory “, said the president of the Italian society of pediatrics, always at Sky Tg24.

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Devastating indirect effects children details Corriere dellUmbria

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