Covid quarantines, updated Ats data: 1,076 people in mandatory isolation

Coronavirus in the Bergamo area, the data updated at 3.30 pm on 2 June. In fiduciary isolation (contacts of positive people) 905 citizens.

There are 1,076 people residing in the province of Bergamo in compulsory isolation because they are positive for Covid. This was announced by the Ats of Bergamo in the usual report on quarantines, updated at 3.30 pm on Wednesday 2 June and released on Thursday 3. The people in fiduciary isolation because contacts of positive people are instead 905. Overall, the people in isolation are 1,981.

The decline recorded in recent weeks therefore continues. In the May 26 report there were 1,401 people in compulsory isolation because they were positive, compared to 1,901 certified on May 19; is the subjects in fiduciary isolation were 2,135 against the 2,669 of the previous week.


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Covid quarantines updated Ats data people mandatory isolation

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