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Covid, in almost half of the Paduan municipalities a week without new infections. Here are which ones

Covid, in almost half of the Paduan municipalities a week without new infections. Here are which ones
Covid, in almost half of the Paduan municipalities a week without new infections. Here are which ones

PADOVA. Almost half of the municipalities of the province of Padua in the week between 17 and 23 May did not register any new cases of contagion from Covid 19: the data, which instills decidedly optimism on the progress of the pandemic, emerges from the latest monitoring released by the Veneto region.

In fact, the Paduan sails confidently in the white area with a single red dot in that of Barbona, a hamlet of the Bassa that has seen three positive residents in the week among its 621 inhabitants. It goes without saying that the figure, even if it stands above the limit of 250 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants, does not affect the rosy balance of the seven days of monitoring. The main cities, Padua in the lead, are confirmed to be virtuous, all with very few new infections and very low incidence, in a provincial context which, moreover, confirms the average.

The districts

The four districts into which the Euganea 6 Local Health Authority is divided, with its 931,262 inhabitants – the most populous in Veneto – are all well below the alarm threshold: Padua Bacchiglione Piovese records 82 cases and an incidence of 21.75, Terme Colli with 28 cases has an incidence of 23, 79, a little higher in Padova Sud which with 56 cases wins an incidence of 31.27, followed by Alta Padovana which with 86 cases closes the week with an incidence of 33.40 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants. Overall, in the province of Padua, 252 new cases of contagion were detected for an average incidence of 27.6. In Veneto, the Euganean Local Health Authority 6, and therefore the province of Padua, is third for lowest incidence, after the Local Health Authority Dolomiti and the Uls Serenissima.

White flag

From a handful of isolated dots on the map, the municipalities that can boast a Covid free week are now almost half of the province, as many as 46: Agna, Arquà Petrarca, Arre, Arzergrande, Bagnoli di Sopra, Baone, Battaglia Terme, Brugine, Campodoro, Candiana, Prisons, Cartura, Casale di Scodosia, Castelbaldo, Cervarese Santa Croce, Cinto Euganeo, Galzignano Terme, Grantorto, Legnaro, Lozzo Atestino, Masi, Megliadino San Vitale, Ospedaletto Euganeo, Piacenza d’Adige, Polverara, Ponso Pontelongo, Ponte San Nicolò, Pozzonovo, Rovolon, Saccolongo, San Pietro Viminario, Sant’Angelo di Piove, Sant’Elena, Sant’Urbano, Terrassa Padovana, Vescovana, Vighizzolo, Vigodarzere, Villa del Conte, Villa Estense, Villanova di Camposampiero, Vo ‘ .

The largest municipalities

Even the largest municipalities confirm the decisive retreat of Covid 19: in the city of Padua in the week between 17 and 23 May the new infections detected were just 43 out of a population of over 210 thousand inhabitants, stopping at an incidence of 20 , 74. Selvazzano with only 4 cases is at 17.38, Vigonza with 5 cases is at 21.81, Este with 4 cases is at 24.74, Cittadella has an incidence of 24.92 with 5 cases, Albignasego is at 23.19 with 6 cases, Abano Terme at 25.21 with 5 new positives and Piove di Sacco at 30.05 with 6 new positives detected in the seven days.

Red flag

Only on the small town of Barbona, the least populous in the province of Padua with its 621 residents, does the red flag fly: with three new cases of contagion it exceeds the limit incidence of 250 per 100 thousand, reaching 483.09. A fact that must be considered in its relativity and that precisely in light of this, does not pollute the more than positive balance of the week. «A family, limited cases, and a quiet situation» assures the mayor Francesco Peotta, «the generalized decline is no exception in our municipality, we cannot even speak of an outbreak. We are a small community, with limited aggregation points and the pandemic has always been contained. The problem of small municipalities “notes the mayor,” is that we always think about percentages that risk giving a distorted picture. The vaccinations are going well, many have turned to the Municipality for reservations and we were organized if anyone asked to be accompanied. Now the biggest concern is for the economy and jobs, we really hope for a recovery ».

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