Research that shows how it is almost impossible to get sick of Covid again

Research that shows how it is almost impossible to get sick of Covid again
Research that shows how it is almost impossible to get sick of Covid again

AGI – It is almost impossible to reinfect with Covid for those who have already come into contact with the virus but at least one dose vaccine remains necessary for these people.

These are the conclusions of a Lombard research that obtained the proscenium of one of the most quoted scientific journals, the American Jama Internal Medicine, confirming and ‘broadening’ the results achieved by American and British study groups that had focused on health workers undergoing serological tests to verify whether or not they had come into contact with the disease.

“The one conducted by us is one of the first studies on general population – explains to AGI Nicola Mumoli, one of the authors of the publication together with other colleagues of the West Milanese health care company which is the head of the hospitals of Legnano, Cuggiono, Magenta and Abbiategrasso a basin of half a million inhabitants “.

Impressive numbers are those put in place, with 122 thousand molecular swabs and two groups of patients with an average age of 59 years: one of positive for the swab and the other of negative, bearing in mind that for the WHO you are when a double negativity.

They were followed from the end of February 2020 to the end of the same year, each for an average of eight months (not all tampons, of course, were performed at the same time). The analysis, says the head of internal medicine in Magenta and Abbiategrasso, “shows that those who have already had Covid is 15 times less likely to get sick with respect to those who have not had it “. Only 5 of the patients involved tested positive again, only one ended up in hospital. Therefore, “anyone who has come into contact with the virus has a natural immunity that certainly lasts for at least eight months, the time span of the study, but probably also for a year”.

It is not excluded, but it is all to be verified in the future, that those who have already had Covid enjoy the so-called ‘stationary immunity’ as happens for example for measles: taken once, then never recovered. It could be concluded that those with natural immunity may not be vaccinated. But this is not the case, says Mumoli who in February of this year announced that he was willing to give up his vaccine dose at a time when doses were limited, considering himself more safe than others from the risk of reinfection, at least for a period of 6 -8 months.

To understand why the vaccine is needed, you need a brief history review.

“To have herd immunity, at least 70-80% of the population must fall ill, a very high price to pay for immunity because there would be so many deaths. Right now there are 5 million Italians che took Covid, we would be very far from herd immunity by following this path. Think of smallpox which was only eradicated through artificial immunity. The vaccine allows you to get rid of the virus much faster. Here because it is a must that those who have already had Covid undergo the injection within six months aadding the artificial immunity of the vaccine to natural immunity, which strengthens the immune system even more ”. This is also because the unknown of the variants remains. Only the ‘English’ one is included in the study.

In this regard, Mumoli also warns of the “stress” of the search for antibodies after Covid and after the vaccine. The fact that they decrease or are few does not mean that you are not immune since it remains there ‘memory’ in the immune system “.

In the future, studies are planned aimed at understanding whether the same ‘super protection’ guaranteed by natural immunity also derives from vaccines.

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