Frosinone, Covid, the virus at its lowest levels. But deaths return

Frosinone, Covid, the virus at its lowest levels. But deaths return
Frosinone, Covid, the virus at its lowest levels. But deaths return

Thirty-six cases of Covid in the first three days of the week had not occurred since the end of September. The 18 cases in yesterday’s bulletin are paired with the other 18 ascertained between Monday and Tuesday.
Better numbers are obtained, going back over time, only between 28 and 30 September with 27 positives. In fact, already in early October the effects of the second wave were beginning to be seen with 55 cases in three days. Therefore, the improvement of the epidemiological situation continues on a little bit on all fronts, from new cases to positive indices, from the weekly incidence to the tampons required (less and less), from the recovered, who are now descending, to the conversion of hospitals (see another service on page 5) to the zeroing of Covid patients in intensive care at Spaziani.

The bulletin
The new positives are 18. The negativized 14 and the deceased 2. In the new Covid bulletin, no Ciociaria center records, however, more than 4 cases. there are 3 in Vicalvi, 2 in Frosinone, Broccostella, Ripi, Sora and Supino, 1 in Campoli Appennino, Castro dei Volsci, Ceccano, Paliano, Sant’Elia Fiumerapido.

The deaths
The dead from Covid are back in the province of Frosinone. Two were reported yesterday. They are a 71-year-old man from Vallecorsa and a 78-year-old woman from Arpino. After that in five days, four times there had been no victims of the virus in Ciociaria, yesterday the first two of the week were counted. In the whole preceding, the victims had been three. Indeed, two deaths on the same day had not been reported since 21 May.
After weeks with over twenty deaths and a peak of thirty between the end of March and the beginning of April, the situation has definitely improved in recent times: 3 cases from 24 to 30 June, 6 in both previous weeks, then 12 from 3 to 9 May and, before that, 23 between April 26 and May 2. Since then the picture has changed.

The healed
There are 107 negativized at the beginning of the week. A number that, progressively, is decreasing as a consequence of the net reduction of the positives in the last period. There were 153 healed last Wednesday and then touched, on Sunday, 383, the minimum of 2021. Previously the healed had been 478 from 17 to 23 May, 484 in the previous week, 693 from 3 to 9 May, 671 from 26 April to May 2, 939 from April 19 to 25. So, going even further back in time there were 1,137 healed from 5 to 11 April, 1,598, the maximum, from 29 March to 4 April, 1,523 from 15 to 21 March, 1,078 from 8 to 14 March, therefore 867 to early March. In January there were still 920 as of January 17, 803 as of January 10 and 864 between the end of the year and the beginning of 2021.

The indicators
The positivity rate rises slightly. The percentage of positive swabs on the total analyzed goes from Tuesday’s record with 0.78% to 1.38% on Wednesday. The weekly average is 1.60%, a further decrease compared to 2.08% between 24 and 30 May and 2.19% in the previous week. The last week over 5% was between 5 and 11 April with 6.71%, while it went in double figures between 8 and 14 March with 11.76%. The monthly rate, in 2021, went from 11.13% in January to 12.81% in February, from 10.94% in March to 5.39% in April and to 2.78% in May.

The weekly incidence per 100,000 inhabitants touches a new positive record, yesterday it was at 21.59, a further reduction compared to 23.27 on Tuesday and 24.32 on Monday. Last Friday, which is the day the official statistics are taken, the value was at 24.74. The week before it was at 44.86, the previous week (i.e. May 14) was at 71.91. The last time over 100 was on 30 April with 105.03, over 150 on 9 April with 166.45. Before that, very high peaks had been reached with 239.83 on March 26, 314.46 on March 19 and 366.03 on March 12. Those were the weeks of the highlight of the infections, those that then also determined the inclusion of Ciociaria in the red band even before the entire Lazio ended up there.

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