Covid vaccines, Figliuolo: flexibility on booking, call to young people

Covid vaccines, Figliuolo: flexibility on booking, call to young people
Covid vaccines, Figliuolo: flexibility on booking, call to young people

The importance of involving younger groups in the national anti-Covid vaccination campaign and the need for greater flexibility in booking calls. These are the main issues addressed by Francesco Paolo Figliuolo, the extraordinary Commissioner for the Covid emergency, in a speech to Elisir on Rai 3.
“I have just signed a letter for all the Regions to say to find solutions of maximum flexibility for bookings, I am thinking of the younger classes who will move in the summer months”, said Figliuolo, and then specify: “Already in the booking phase it will have to be possible to find the best date for the recall and ensure, with flexibility, that already in that phase it can possibly be moved to another day in the range of 42 days or 4-12 weeks. “It is feasible, it will take the technical time to adapt the information systems on which the structure is ready to lend a hand,” he added. (COVID VACCINE: DATA AND GRAPHICS ON ADMINISTRATIONS IN ITALY, REGION BY REGION)

AstraZeneca, Figliuolo: problem of perception of side effects


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Still on the subject of anti-Covid vaccines and in particular of the preparation developed by AstraZeneca, Figliuolo stated: “There was a problem of perception on the side effects of Astrazeneca. It is important to make it clear that the benefit of the vaccine is superior to any other. what. If you compare the side effects with the contraceptive pill, the type of effect is incomparable. “
As for the combined use of different vaccines, the general reiterated that “there are advanced studies on the second heterologous dose, ie doing the first dose with Astrazeneca and the second with Pfizer or Moderna” and “it seems that they give an excellent answer”.

Son: over 2 million unvaccinated over 60s

Commenting on the progress of the national anti-Covid vaccination campaign, the extraordinary commissioner for the coronavirus emergency then recalled that at the moment there are still “2 million and one hundred and seventy thousand over 60” not vaccinated. “There are still many. A good job has been done and we still have to go up in the percentages. We have to think about those people who are hesitant or not educated from an IT point of view. I have told the Regions to look for them, both through their mobile teams and through those of the Defense: among the latter there are 44, who are operating with a specific mandate to go and look for fragile and over 60 “, he specified.

Son, parents trust in vaccines, let’s reopen schools

During the intervention, Figliuolo also invited parents to have faith in science and to vaccinate adolescents. “Vaccination of the 12-15 age group is important and even if it is not compulsory it is highly recommended. I tell parents to get close to science and vaccination completely because it will be very useful for the opening of schools. very young, maturing, 18 and 25, who are then those who have more social contacts, we must thus block the variants to ensure that in October we remain safe “, concluded the Commissioner for the Covid emergency.


Covid vaccines Figliuolo flexibility booking call young people

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