Covid vaccine, second dose on vacation? The Regions: “Be an exception” – Chronicle

Covid vaccine, second dose on vacation? The Regions: “Be an exception” – Chronicle
Covid vaccine, second dose on vacation? The Regions: “Be an exception” – Chronicle

Rome, June 3, 2021 – La second dose of vaccine anti-Covid administered in holiday in a region other than where you live (or where you received your first dose) “should represent an absolute exception“. This is the position taken by the Health Commission Regions, sent to the president of the Conference Massimiliano Fedriga in view of today’s meeting dedicated to the topic of the vaccine on vacation.

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While for workers in need (school, university, law enforcement and military) the Commission highlights “the elements of feasibility”, for tourists it is good to avoid the recall in other regions: “Considering the relative flexibility of the date of the second dose – write the regional councilors for health – and the possibility of planning that this element offers, the need for vaccination in the region where the holidays are spent should represent an absolute exception “.

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The note differentiates between short and long-term stays. “Precisely taking into account the flexibility in question – continues the Health Commission -, people staying for a short term they should be automatically excluded from vaccination in tourist resorts “ longer stays it will be possible to “apply for vaccination through the access / booking methods defined by different regions, who will be able to organize such vaccinations in the manner deemed most correct “. The methods of vaccination” may obviously vary in the different regions, which will be able to organize such vaccinations with direct access (eg pharmacies and / or public vaccination points) or with the modalities that will be considered more correct “.

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And it is precisely on flexibility that the commissioner for the Covid emergency intervened, Francesco Figliuolo, which asked to find solutions especially for young people, also in view of the reopening of schools. “I have just signed a letter for all the Regions – explained Figliuolo to Elisir on Rai 3 – to say to find solutions for maximum flexibility for reservations, especially at younger classes that now they will begin to travel around Italy “.” Today – he continued – it happens that I go to a site and it tells me the first dose on 10 August: it is probably not the best date and in some regions, if I want to change, I have to wait that you pass on August 10th. Giving flexibility means that already at that stage, with a toll-free number or online, I can move around in a day. I can’t expect to do June 10th if I’m 28, but maybe August 6th or August 26th was fine with me, in the range of 42 days or the 4-12 weeks of AstraZeneca “.” I think this request will be accepted – said the commissioner -. I believe it is feasible, in the technical times for adapting the information systems. The structure is ready to lend a hand: it is not a mistake, you want to go on“.

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Figliuolo then remarked on the importance of vaccination for adolescents: “The vaccination of fascia 12-15 it is important and even if it is not mandatory it is highly recommended. I tell parents to get totally close to science and vaccination because it will help a lot to open schools. Need to secure the boys but also very young, senior, 18 and 25 year olds, who are the ones who have more social contacts, so we must block the variants to ensure that we remain safe in October “.

While on the second dose with a different vaccine from the first, “there are advanced studies on the second heterologous dose – explained the commissioner -, that is to do the first dose with Astrazeneca and the second with Pfizer or Moderna” and “it seems that they give an excellent answer”.

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