Biden and Fauci, sensational U-turn on the covid. The investigation into the origin of the virus in the laboratory has been reopened

The news is sensational, but the Italian media have limited themselves to reporting it, for the record, without underlining its significance.

It happened that the American President Biden wanted to let the world know that investigations on the possible origin of covid 19 are restarting in a Wuhan Chinese laboratory.

The headline Repubblica of May 26: “This is why Biden has decided to reopen the investigation into the origin of Covid in the laboratory”.



So instead the Fact of the same day: “Ninety days to develop and deliver a report on the origins of Covid to CasaBianca. 48 hours after the Wall Street Journal piece that revealed the contents of an intelligence report on three Wuhan virologists who already had symptoms compatible with oSars-Cov-2 flu in autumn 2019, US President Joe Biden insists on shedding light on the birth of the virus. And he always addresses the US 007, which he asked to “redouble his efforts to collect and analyze information that could bring us closer to a definitive conclusion” on the origins of Covid-19 and to report to him “within 90 days”.

At the same time it becomes known that also the immunologist Anthony Fauci and Mr. Facebook have changed their opinion: the first argues, just in the days when Biden suggests it, di “Not to be convinced that the Covid virus developed naturally” , the second decides that he will no longer censor posts on the “Escape from the laboratory”.

Let’s sit down for a moment and do order. For months and months the president Donald Trump, engaged in a trade war with the Communist China (crime of violating all respect for workers, of exploiting the western free market for its products, closing its own when this suits it …), had accused the Chinese government of having great responsibility in spreading the virus for 3 reasons: 1) because he had kept the existence of the virus hidden for some months, thus favoring its spread; 2) for having piloted the WHO, pushing it not to tell the truth, but, at first, to minimize, to protect the Chinese government; 3) due to the possibility of an artificial or natural escape of the virus from a laboratory.



The reaction was almost unanimous: Biden and the American media had cursed the flat-earther, Fauci had given for certain and verified the natural origin of the virus, and Facebook had adopted censorship on the Biden-Fauci line, against Trump.

Yet the first two accusations made by President Trump were not only evident, but are now universally recognized.

It is more complex to answer the third accusation for many reasons: mainly because it is one thing to say that the virus is natural and has escaped from a laboratory by mistake; another is that the virus is artificial (as Fauci now seems to claim!); yet another that he was intentionally liberated by the Chinese (we’ll see if the current US administration comes to that too).

While the first of these three hypotheses cannot be ruled out a priori, the second and third appear, at least to the undersigned, rather improbable (and would certainly have a much greater gravity).

But beyond the “Detaili ”it happens that Biden, after an electoral campaign all played out on the demonization of the internal opponent and the defense, at least de facto China, has suddenly changed course today.

Can we really believe that he, like Fauci and Facebook, have simply changed their minds, realizing a possibility that for months and months seemed absurd?

It would be rather naive to do so. Much more logical to see behind this change of course the evidence of a geopolitical and economic conflict between the US and China which was not invented by Trump, but that it really exists and that it is becoming more and more urgent.

It is possible that Biden played a certain amount pre-election match, also to wink at the many rich multinationals opposed to Trump’s policy, and today, once in the White House, he wants to provide himself with the justification, in front of the Americans, for a gradual change of course.

Let us not forget that man is that leopard who in the past proposed very harsh laws against blacks, only to present himself as their standard bearer; is the one who made Obama’s deputy for 8 years, sponsoring all American wars and monitoring the phones of European rulers: (is news of a few days ago) and then recycle himself as a pacifist and a friend of Europe.

We’ll see, certainly the game has just begun …



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