Covid: data on infections in Italy in the June 2 bulletin. All Regions

Covid: data on infections in Italy in the June 2 bulletin. All Regions
Covid: data on infections in Italy in the June 2 bulletin. All Regions

Rome, 2 June 2021 – The Covid contagion in bulletin today, on the Coronavirus in Italia, released from Ministry of Health, while the pressure on intensive care and hospitalization continues to drop. “From tomorrow everyone will be able to book the Covid vaccine. We can still accelerate our campaign to get through this difficult season. Happy Republic Day to all “, writes the Minister of Health today Roberto Speranza in a post on Facebook. Meanwhile, chaos atopen day in Bologna: gatherings, screams, shoves. Possible consume inside in 360 thousand businesses, including the farmhouses that today are hoping for a full house. On the limit of 4 people at the table verification between the minister Mariastella Gelmini and the president of the Regions Massimiliano Fedriga because the restriction applies only in the yellow areas. Government technical table tomorrow.

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The Covid bulletin

I’m 2,897 new infections from Covid-19, about 400 more than yesterday with 226 thousand tampons (+ 5 thousand). These are the data from today’s bulletin of the Ministry of Health which also records 62 deaths (-31) and a rate of positivity at 1.3% (+ 0.2%). In Lombardy 519 cases were detected, in Campania 388 and in Sicily 289. Still decreasing i hospitalizations both in the ordinary departments (5.858, -334) and in the terapie intensive (933, -56). The currently infected down by 15 thousand units to 210,050, of which 203 thousand in home isolation. There are 10,313 patients healed or discharged.


Data improving today in Lombardy regarding the Coronavirus. THE new cases registered were 519 against 461 yesterday but with 40,748 swabs compared to 35,716 the previous day. Online the number of dead, today they were 10 compared to 9 yesterday, but the number of hospitalized patients dropped sharply: -13 in intensive care to 207 and -93 in ordinary care units which drop below one thousand (980). 898 were discharged / healed.

Further sharp decline in the positivity index in Campania. According to data from the Crisis Unit of the Region, in the last 24 hours they are 388 the positive cases out of 13,014 molecular swabs examined. The incidence rate is therefore equal to 2.98% compared to the previous 3.59%. They register 5 deaths. There are 794 healed. In hospitals the number of places occupied in intensive care continues to decline, 55, and hospitalizations in hospitalization: today there are 624. Regarding the regions, then Lombardy there are 519 cases, in Campania 388 and in Sicily 289.

In Sicily 289 new positives at Covid e 16 dead, which raise the total cases to 226,424 and that of deaths to 5,855. The current positives are 8,698, -790; the healed 211,871, +1,063. 421 hospitalized with symptoms, 47 in intensive care, 3 on the day; 13,571 swabs carried out.

I’m 211 the new cases of Covid registered today in Lazio, where over 10 thousand swabs were carried out (-1029 on yesterday) and over 12 thousand antigenic for a total of over 22 thousand tests. The new cases are up by 16 compared to yesterday. THE deaths registered are instead 4 (-6 on yesterday). The recovered are 1,532, the hospitalized in intensive care are 143 (-2). The ratio between positives and buffers is 2%, but if the antigenic substances are also considered, the percentage drops to 0.9%. The cases in Rome city are at 102. The data are reported by the regional councilor for health, Alessio D’Amato.

New cases are decreasing in Puglia in the face of a decline in tests. Deaths increased slightly. The number of healed increases considerably and therefore the number of current positives falls strongly. The proportion of hospitalized patients decreases but at a more moderate pace. Today out of 5,957 swabs were detected 196 positive cases: 44 in the province of Bari, 23 in the province of Brindisi, 49 in the province of Bat, 38 in the province of Foggia, 38 in the province of Lecce, 21 in the province of Taranto, 1 case of resident outside the region. Eighteen cases of unknown province of residence were reclassified and attributed. Yesterday, out of 7,546 tests, 227 positive cases were detected. Today there have been 10 deaths: 2 in the province of Bari, 4 in the province of Lecce, 4 in the province of Taranto. Yesterday there were 6. The hospitalized are 540 while yesterday they were 555 (-15).

In Piedmont I’m 190 new cases of people tested positive for Covid-19 (of which 17 after antigenic tests), equal to 1.4% of 13,346 swabs performed, of which 7,731 antigenic. The total of positive cases therefore becomes 364,701, while there are 79 hospitalized in intensive care (- 2 compared to yesterday) and in the other wards 542 (- 15 compared to yesterday). There are 3942 people in home isolation. They are 4 deaths of positive people in the Covid-19 test, of which 2 occurred today. The total is now 11,647 deaths who tested positive for the virus. A total of 348,491 patients recovered (+432 compared to yesterday).

The trend of infections increases in Veneto, but at the same time hospital wards are emptied and the current positives drop below 8,000. The new cases of Covid-19 in the last 24 hours are 175, up compared to yesterday, and bring the total to 423,608. The deaths are 3, with the total at 11,572. The current positives in the region are 7,752, 385 less than yesterday. In hospitals there are 543 patients in the non-critical area (-34) and 71 (-5) in intensive care.

The new Covid cases registered in Tuscany in the 24 hours they were 162 on 17,694 total tests, of which 9,244 molecular swabs and 8,450 rapid tests. The rate of new positives is 0.92% (2.8% on first diagnoses). This was reported by the president of the Region, Eugenio Giani, in the usual morning update using social networks. “The incidence of new positive cases per 100 thousand inhabitants continues to decline, today 42. Come on!”, Also points out Giani himself (yesterday the same figure was 45). Today the number of cases is substantially in line with yesterday’s 24-hour detection (there were 159) while the total number of tests carried out increased by over 1,400 tests (there were 16,200) therefore the percentage ratio between positives found and tests is dropped a little more (yesterday it was 0.98%). Today they register 4 new deaths: one man and 3 women with an average age of 82.8 years.

Since the beginning of the Coronavirus epidemic, in Emilia Romagna 384,137 positive cases were registered, 152 more compared to yesterday, out of a total of 19,255 swabs performed in the last 24 hours. The percentage of new positives on the number of swabs made since yesterday is 0.7%. The contagion situation in the provinces sees Forlì (27), Bologna and Parma with 25 new cases, followed by Reggio Emilia (21), Ravenna (17), Rimini and Modena (both with 12 cases), Cesena (8). Then Piacenza (3), Ferrara (2). As for the total number of people healed, they are 726 more than yesterday and reach 357,105. The active cases, that is the actual patients, to date are 13,842 (-575 compared to yesterday). Of these, people in isolation at home, or those with mild symptoms that do not require hospital treatment or are symptom-free, are 13,263 (-536) overall, 95.8% of the total active cases. Unfortunately, it registers 1 new death, in the province of Bologna (an 84-year-old man). In total, there have been 13,190 deaths in the region since the beginning of the epidemic. There are 90 patients admitted to intensive care (-5 compared to yesterday), 489 those in the other Covid departments (-34).

In the Marches they have been identified 125 new cases, 7.5% compared to the 1,674 molecular and antigenic swabs processed within the process for new diagnoses. The positive-test ratio increased compared to the previous day, when it was 3.3%, with 34 new cases on 1,031 swabs. The new cases were identified 38 in the province of Macerata, 24 in the province of Ancona, 34 in that of Pesaro-Urbino, 7 in Fermano, 13 in Piceno and 9 outside the region. These include 21 symptomatic subjects.


136 are hospitalized in the hospitals of the Liguria, according to today’s bulletin released by the Region, 8 less than yesterday. Of these, 29 are in intensive care, one less than yesterday. The report reports 45 new cases positive to the virus: in the last 24 hours, 3,136 molecular swabs were carried out, 2,182 rapid antigenic ones. In the bulletin it is noted a new death: the victims since the beginning of the emergency have risen to 4,325.

Friuli Venezia Giulia

‘Today in Friuli Venezia Giulia out of 4,266 molecular swabs were detected 29 new infections, for a positive percentage of 0.68%. There are also 1,995 rapid antigenic tests carried out, from which they were detected 6 casesi, for a positive percentage of 0.30%. No deaths, on the other hand, admissions to intensive care units drop to 2 and those in other departments remain stable at 36.

The other regions

In Abruzzo 67 new positives. In Basilicata the infections are 38. In South Tyrol 33 (29 molecular and 4 antigenic), 8 in Valle d’Aosta, in Molise 6. 158 more people tested positive for Coronavirus than yesterday Calabria. Thirty-three new infections in Umbria. Only four more cases of Covid in 24 hours and no deaths in Sardinia. In Trentino 27 new cases.

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