the incidence and the Rt index are still falling, Lazio glimpses the white zone

the incidence and the Rt index are still falling, Lazio glimpses the white zone
the incidence and the Rt index are still falling, Lazio glimpses the white zone

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03 June 2021 10:42

The province of Latina and all of Lazio si stride closer to the white zone. The numbers that emerged from the latest bulletin yesterday, Wednesday 2 May, tell of a further slowdown of the coronavirus throughout the regional territory, with the parameters that confirm the path undertaken in the last few weeks of approaching the range that provides for ever fewer restrictions.

L’incidence as reported in the regional report, it is 35 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants e the Rt index it fell further to 0.65. We remind you that, as the CTS explains, the transition to the white zone takes place for “the Regions in whose territories the weekly incidence of infections is less than 50 cases per 100,000 inhabitants for three consecutive weeks.” For Lazio this would be the second consecutive week , the date, therefore, of May 14 remains the one possible for the band change.

“The positive trend continues and this will bring us to the white zone on time” commented the regional councilor for health Alessio D’Amato.

The vaccination campaign

In the meantime, the vaccination campaign continues, which saw an important acceleration at the beginning of June with the administration open to high school students and with the AstraZeneca Open Week open to all over 18. “June will be an important month, we will have more doses available for administrations and therefore a progressive opening with respect to other age groups “said D’Amato himself in recent days in the Health Commission. Meanwhile, on Tuesday in the province of Latina, the two new vaccination points were inaugurated at the AbbVie and at the ex Rossi Sud that will premise a net increase in the number of doses administered every day and a further step forward in the vaccination campaign.

The rules in the white zone

With the entry into the white zone also in the province of Latina as in all of Lazio, the meshes of the restrictions to combat the spread of the coroanvirus would loosen. The rules only provide for the obligation to wear masks, interpersonal distancing, the ban on gathering and anti-Covid protocols within the activities, whether they are shops or restaurants. For the rest, the curfew disappears, you can go to restaurants, consume in bars, go to the cinema or the theater, train in the gyms and in the swimming pool. Green light also to parties for weddings without limitations, spas and shopping centers indoors. The only activities closed in the white zone are the discos, both outdoors and indoors.


incidence index falling Lazio glimpses white zone

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