part experimentation at the drive through of Lodi

part experimentation at the drive through of Lodi
part experimentation at the drive through of Lodi

02 June 2021 6:33 pm

The dogs being trained in Lodi “leave” the laboratory and go “into the field” to smell the covid virus and identify its presence in people, through the variation of odors. The first experimentation, carried out in the laboratories of the Veterinary Medicine department in Lodi, ended positively: now the training of dogs to smell the coronavirus continues with people queuing at the drive through of the Padano Technological Park in Lodi to carry out the swab.

“Those who give their consent just after having performed the swab – explains Stefano Di Giovine, Ptp operations manager – will be given a card with an anonymous questionnaire and two tubes to put under the armpits for 15 minutes. These samples will be precisely these samples, then , which will be sniffed by trained dogs of various breeds that will be able to signal the presence of covid-19 “.

“In these first hours of experimentation – adds Di Giovine – there were only about thirty people who wanted to undergo the test. We hope to increase in the next few days. These are projects that enrich human knowledge, so participating is always a good choice. The aim is to make these dogs as reliable as drug dogs. ” The project is carried out by the University of Milan with the Sacco hospital and the Medical Detection Dogs Italy onlus.


part experimentation drive Lodi

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