“Maturity exams, effective anti-Covid rules” – Corriere.it

“Maturity exams, effective anti-Covid rules” – Corriere.it
“Maturity exams, effective anti-Covid rules” – Corriere.it

In a few days in the schools it will ring the last bell that will mark the end of the second school year from the beginning of the health emergency. With a important news for students: the promotion is not taken for granted. Unlike in June 2020, when a freeze on failures was expected, this year the admissions to next year and exams will be evaluated by the class council. “Extending the block would have been a stretch, the outcome of the final scrutiny must be left to the evaluation of the teachers,” said Massimo Spinelli, president of the Lombardy School Principals Association. «As regards admission to the exams, the students will be assessed for their entire course of study and for their commitment in these 18 months of distance learning. Teachers will have to evaluate a set of variables ».

In Lombardy the closure of the institutes is scheduled for June 8, and since then the focus will be on exams, which in the region will involve over 65 thousand graduates. While the definition of the roadmap for lower secondary schools is left to individual schools, the state exam will begin throughout Italy on June 16. For the second consecutive year it will take place in extraordinary mode. To avoid the risk of contagion, an agreement on security measures was signed by the unions and the Ministry of Education and follows that of last year: “The anti-Covid protocols have been confirmed because we have been able to ascertain that they are effective”, he explains Tobia Sertori, general secretary of the Flc-Cgil Lombardia.

There will be the mandatory use of the mask and the spacing of at least two meters between the candidates and the commission. The commission will be made up of internal teachers, with the exception of the president. The test will consist of a “maxi oral” lasting a maximum of one hour, divided into four phases. Students will start from a paper on a topic assigned by the teachers. A maximum of five or six pupils will be examined each day. «Health safety is guaranteed by the protocols and the vaccination campaign, a very important element that also gives us more serenity in the organization. The attitude is one of recovery and this is fundamental for the school », continues Sertori. The teachers have concluded with the second dose the administration of the vaccine but the age group of the graduates only since yesterday can book for the first dose. In any case, the protocol provides for the possibility of taking the exam even at a distance, in cases of frailty or if you are in isolation.

To avoid the risk of quarantine, many schools have taken additional measures. For example, at the Carlo Tenca high school in Milan, graduates are spending the last week of school in distance learning: “One more trick to avoid the quarantine of the whole class, with the risk of having to give up the exam in person”, explains the headmaster Mauro Zeni, who also reflects on the decision to eliminate the blocking of failures. «For younger students, taking note of a difficult situation can help them understand their path. We have activated many support measures and we will take this particular year into account, but each path must be assessed individually ”, concludes Zeni.

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Maturity exams effective antiCovid rules Corriereit

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