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He dies at 37 after the Covid ordeal – Chronicle

He dies at 37 after the Covid ordeal – Chronicle
He dies at 37 after the Covid ordeal – Chronicle

La Spezia, June 3, 2021 – Camilla does not know. He is 2 years old and he walks around the house looking for his mother. It has been missing since mid-March. And she will miss her for life. Damn Covid-19! To it is attributable the ordeal that led to the death of Sara Funaro, 37 years old, saleswoman from Zara, UIL activist, a fan of La Spezia, daughter of Mario Funaro, historical Confcommercio official from where the choral embrace that crosses all the partners-traders scattered throughout the territory who esteem him and who have had the opportunity to to appreciate her too, for a time collaborator of the association. Sara is the youngest Covid victim in La Spezia since the beginning of the pandemic. She died in the Reanimation ward of the San Martino hospital in Genoa where she had been hospitalized a few days after entering the homologous ward of the Covid hospital in Sarzana, when the patient’s pressure was at peak and it had proved necessary, especially for the younger ones, to resort to the regional capital garrison. The course of the disease seemed to be going well: the signs of recovery were promising. Optimism and hope for recovery had spread among the friends of Confcommercio. Ten days ago, a lightning bolt struck on Sara’s physique, still positive for coronavirus, in the forms of cardiac arrest.

For forty minutes she and the ward’s medical team struggled with death, managing to get Sara’s heart moving again. But the effects of the lack of blood flow to the brain were devastating. The coma with no return has begun, resignation has made its way. Last night the last breath, under sedation. First the head of the department allowed Mario to see his daughter for the last time. An exception to the rule. But the chasm that was opening in his heart was too big not to allow him the consolation of the last caress, a caress protected obviously, with the tears that watered the mask and the anti-Covid suit. The news of Sara’s death made the rounds of traders in a short time. Just when the laces of the emergency that troubled the category were loosened, the blow came. Yesterday morning the note released by Confcommercio. “The association participates in the deep pain of his friend and colleague Mario Funaro who yesterday lost his beloved daughter Sara, who died prematurely at the age of only 37”. Then the clarifications: “The young Sara Funaro, who collaborated in Confcommercio and had worked for Zara for many years, also leaves little Camilla, just two years old, her sister Romina and her niece Alice”.
Separated from her partner, she lived according to her daughter, who continues to look for her. Friday at 3 pm the last farewell to Sara in the church of the Sant’Andrea hospital. Meanwhile, Mario Funaro finds the strength to thank all the friends who are comforting him, the management of Zara who has worked to carry out all the complex procedures for the last farewell to La Spezia, the medical-nursing team that has worked hard forces to save Sara.

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