Anti Covid vaccine, from Thursday 3 free booking from 12 years of age. How to do it in each region

Over 15 million citizens will be able to book to be vaccinated against Covid. From tomorrow, in fact, from 12 years of age you can be vaccinated. However, membership will take place differently from region to region.

Here is a general sheet by the news agency DIRE


In Abruzzo you can join through the Italian Post Office platform, the ATM Postamat counters, the network of postmen and the number vearth 800.009.966, active every day from 8 to 20. Citizens can also count on a booking service via sms: to be contacted within 72 hours and complete the procedure, you must send your tax code to 339 9903947. For disabled people and with fragility and for the category of caregivers, however, the booking is still made on the health portal with the dedicated service on the regional platform.


The Poste Italiane platform is also used for those who want to vaccinaten Basilicata: you must enter the tax code and the health card number or call the toll-free number 800.009.966, active from Monday to Sunday from 8 to 20. Caregivers can book, choosing a place and time, by accessing the platform with the data of fragile subjects. Their vaccination will not be contextual but will take place after a few days.


The Autonomous Province of Bolzano: since May 27 all citizens of South Tyrol can in fact book. To do this, there is a dedicated online platform but it is possible to contact the provincial single reservation center by telephone, active from Monday to Friday, from 8 to 16 at the numbers 0471 100999 and 0472 973850.


Poste Italiane once again protagonists of the reservations for the citizens of the Calabria, who can use the platform, call the toll-free number 800.009.966 or send a text message to 339 9903947 to be contacted. For information, call the dedicated Civil Protection switchboard on 0961 789775.


While in Campania reservations, which start from 10pm on 2 June, are made through the regional health website, by entering the tax code, health card number, email and telephone numbers.


L’Emilia Romagna confirms the start of vaccines for all from 3 June 2021. The administration can also take place in companies and the booking can be made through the web page or by contacting your family doctor.


Moving on to Friuli Venezia Giulia the opening of the vaccination campaign to the under 40s is confirmed, with more than 200,000 doses arriving. Reservations can be made on the regional healthcare web page also through the regional call center, by calling 0434 223522, the Cup counters, enabled pharmacies and the web app.


For what concern Lazio, on the region’s website it is possible to consult all the information relating to anti-Covid, on who can book and in what way. Open to all age groups, reservations can be made online or by calling assistance at 06 164161841.

Furthermore, from tomorrow to June 6, there is the ‘Open week’ for the AstraZeneca vaccine for the 40-43 age group. In addition, from 24 May, pharmacies can administer the Johnson & Johnson vaccine to under 50s. Vaccinations began today. Finally, from May 17, people over 40 years of age can book anti-Covid vaccines of AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson also through the general practitioner.


In Liguria the region will open vaccination to under 60s starting from June 4th. The first will be the 30-year-olds to continue going down in steps of 5 years day by day. The date of June 4 seems to be confirmed for the start of bookings for the 35-59 age group. From 7 June 30-34 year olds can make an appointment, 25-29 year olds on 8 June, 20-24 year olds on 9 June and so on.


In Lombardy, at the moment those over 30, including those born in 1991, can already book the vaccination on the regional portal. Reservations for under 30s, in the range from 16 to 29 years, should start tomorrow and can be made through the call center at the toll-free number 800.894.545, postamat and postman.


While in Marche the booking takes place on the platform of Italian post and through the toll-free number 800.009.966, in Molise the reference point is the portal of the region, by booking by phone at 0874-1866000, from Monday to Friday from 9 to 18 and on Saturday from 9 to 18 12, keeping the tax code and health card at hand, as well as a mobile number and e-mail address, even of third parties. High school students aged 18 and 19 can join since yesterday.


In Piedmont already from 28 May the 30-39 age group can express their adherence to vaccination. And while the start of pre-accession for the 16-29 age group is updated to June 3, starting from 12:00 yesterday all those born before January 1, 1962 can book an appointment for the Valentino Open Hub. for the dates of 4.5 and 6 June at the Parco del Valentino in Turin.


In Puglia citizens can rely on the system, which will also accept membership of those born up to 1981. Vaccinations will be administered gradually based on age. You can also book through the toll-free number 800.713.931, active from Monday to Saturday from 8:00 to 20:00 and in pharmacies accredited to the FarmaCup service. In Sardinia you can book from the Poste Italiane website or through the Call Center 800.009.966, active every day from 8.00 to 20.00, at the ATMs of the post offices and, since last May 18, through the postmen.


Also in Sicily it is possible to book through the Poste Italiane platform, the categories that can join are indicated on the health portal of the region.


Extremely detailed the modalities of accession by the Tuscany. For all the info, visit the portal of the region.


Same thing for Trentino. All information on the portal of the autonomous province.


In Umbria, where as early as May 28 citizens aged between 30 and 39 years can join the vaccination campaign, while from yesterday also young people aged between 16 and 29 can book. To do this, you can use the ‘Cup Umbria’ web portal or go to all pharmacies. There is also the number 800.192.835 for assistance and information.


In Valle d’Aosta it is possible to book by directly accessing the anti vaccines portal Covid. Vaccinations in pharmacies have already started in the region since mid-May and, together with Lazio, Valle d’Aosta is leading the way.


Finally the Veneto: to book through the regional portal, citizens must have the tax code at hand, while the toll-free number for information is 800.462.340.


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