Coronavirus in Piedmont: the regional bulletin today, Wednesday 2 June

Coronavirus in Piedmont: the regional bulletin today, Wednesday 2 June
Coronavirus in Piedmont: the regional bulletin today, Wednesday 2 June

TURIN. Today the Crisis Unit of the Piedmont Region reported 190 new cases of people who tested positive for Covid-19 (of which 17 after antigenic tests), equal to 1.4% of 13,346 swabs performed, of which 7,731 antigenic. Of the 190 new cases, 84 (44.2%) were asymptomatic.
The cases are divided as follows: 32 screenings, 111 case contacts, 47 with ongoing investigation; by area: 2 RSA / Social-Welfare Structures, 25 schools, 163 general population.
The total of positive cases thus becomes 364,701, thus divided on a provincial basis: 29,400 Alessandria, 17,392 Asti, 11,459 Biella, 52,627 Cuneo, 28,037 Novara, 195,212 Turin, 13,646 Vercelli, 12,924 Verbano-Cusio-Ossola, as well as 1,492 residents outside the region, but in charge of Piedmontese health facilities. The remaining 2,512 are under development and territorial assignment.

The other numbers
There are 79 hospitalized patients in intensive care (- 2 compared to yesterday). There are 542 inpatients not in intensive care (-15 compared to yesterday). There are 3942 people in home isolation. The diagnostic swabs processed so far are 4,986,311 (+13,346 compared to yesterday), of which 1,649,669 were negative.
The deaths
There are 4 deaths of positive people in the Covid-19 test reported by the Crisis Unit of the Piedmont Region, of which 2 occurred today (please note that the cumulative updated data communicated daily also includes deaths that occurred in the previous days and only subsequently ascertained as Covid deaths).
The total is now 11,647deceased positive for the virus, divided as follows: 1,566 Alessandria, 710Asti, 431 Biella, 1,444 Cuneo, 939 Novara, 5,567Torino, 521 Vercelli, 373 Verbano-Cusio-Ossola, in addition to 96 residents outside the region , but died in Piedmont.
Patients healed
A total of 348,491 patients recovered (+ 432 compared to yesterday) divided as follows on a provincial basis: 27,585 Alessandria, 16,550 Asti, 10,767 Biella, 50,512 Cuneo, 26,772 Novara, 187,204 Turin, 12,882 Vercelli, 12,406 Verbano-Cusio-Ossola, as well as 1,412 extra-regions and 2,401 under definition.

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