“Great work against Covid. Now we need prevention for other diseases”

“Great work against Covid. Now we need prevention for other diseases”
“Great work against Covid. Now we need prevention for other diseases”

“Even if in recent days we have been witnessing a decline in new Covid positives and hospitalized patients, we must never let our guard down against the virus but we can think of making up for the time lost due to the pandemic with regard to other pathologies” invitation that comes from the Samnite president of the Order of doctors, Giovanni Pietro Ianniello who takes stock of the situation and emphasizes a series of fundamental issues to resume the journey also to fight other diseases “for which unfortunately there is still no vaccine”.

“Vaccinating the over 18s will certainly be a further winning move in the fight against covid – then remarked doctor Ianniello -. The province of Benevento is responding very well starting from the ASL, from the Prefecture by the mayors, the production activities and also thanks to our, albeit small, contribution with the general practitioners who, after an initial hesitation due only to organizational issues, have administered vaccines for fragile patients in homes. A work in synergy that now allows us to be a little more relaxed even if the utmost attention is always needed in the use of anti-contagion rules ”.

Another aspect analyzed by doctor Ianniello, oncologist at the Sant’Anna and San Sebastiano hospital in Caserta, is prevention. Once the emergency is over, we must go back to talking about screening and treatment: “A sore point. The treatment of certain pathologies, such as oncological ones, has never stopped, but now we need to make up for the gap that has formed in these 18 months of health emergency. We need to start again with force, now the covid pressure on hospitals has decreased and therefore let’s remember that there are many diseases that never go on vacation and for which unfortunately there is no vaccine “.

As you will remember, a few days ago it was the ASL of Benevento that put in place a new initiative to prevent certain types of cancer. Information desks at the vaccination hubs of Benevento (Pepicelli barracks) and Morcone (fair area). Not just an information point but a real outpatient clinic, with the delivery to newly vaccinated people of kits for detecting occult blood in the stool to prevent colon cancer.

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