“So we risk new bans, a few irresponsible undermine the reopening”

“So we risk new bans, a few irresponsible undermine the reopening”
“So we risk new bans, a few irresponsible undermine the reopening”

“I am a convinced aperturista”, he says in the introduction Francesco Vaia, the medical director of the institution Spallanzani. “But I look with terror at whoever takes advantage of the openings.”

With terror? “Yes, because it is with these irresponsible behaviors that we risk going back to the most severe prohibitions that we have behind us.”

After the paper bombs against the police, the bottles thrown at the policemen, always during the curfew. Is the nightlife getting out of hand?
«I say one thing: young people are more mature than how someone wants to paint them, we must not be afraid to trust them. However, this does not mean ignoring some very noisy minorities, who engage in actions absolutely to be condemned. For two reasons. The first: they are violent and decomposed actions. The second: they seriously jeopardize a health policy that has instead become a model for Europe. We must open gradually, we need a rewarding vision, we will regain greater spaces of freedom only by vaccinating ourselves more but also by respecting the rules ».

Is the vaccine alone not enough?
“Not at this stage. Mind you, vaccines are an indispensable tool, but not yet sufficient. If we frame them from a thaumaturgical point of view, we make a mistake. Then it is obvious, the vaccine is fundamental and strategic, let’s see the data of the infections: today we have 60 hospitalized at Spallanzani, almost as before the pandemic. But we must avoid irresponsible actions by small groups. We need strict and tight controls ».

Speaking of tight controls … does a curfew with such mild surveillance make sense?
“I don’t know what time it is, whether it’s 10pm, 11pm or midnight. The point is that those who deal with public order must enforce the rules, we need incisive actions. We must overcome laxity, against the irresponsible, also because most of the boys are behaving well. There will be room for other openings. A study by the Sheba Hospital in Tel Aviv says that with 60% of the vaccinated people can afford an outdoor party ».

Will we be able to go back to the disco in July?
«Open-air discos yes, they can open. Some colleague said: but no kisses among the boys. But it’s nonsense, if there is self-discipline among young people, if they regularly take swabs or if they are vaccinated, if they are careful, why not? ”

At the restaurant the limit of 4 people at the table remains. The issue has divided the government. Do you agree?
«If they are all vaccinated and they are married, it is possible to go beyond the 4 seats at the table. If they are not all vaccinated, it can become a problem. I think realism is needed on the masks between courses: if an environment is well ventilated, with tables spaced apart, you can also remove the mask without putting it back on every time, it makes no sense. The important thing is to keep your distance. This also applies to the umbrellas on the beach. Control is indispensable against cunning. It is clear that someone wants to recover lost income, but it cannot be done in 15 days ».

The European Football Championships start in Rome on 11 June. The first big screens can be seen in the square. Are you afraid of gatherings?
«Look, I am a consultant for the FIGC and for the Europeans, Spallanzani will be the hospital of reference. We must avoid the crowd and since, let’s be honest, this can happen, these events must be guarded well. The police are well disposed, but there is a problem of staff, on which we must invest in the medium term. Immediately, before entering the square in front of the big screens, the green pass should be shown. Enter who is vaccinated or has taken the test, as in the stadium. It’s not Inter’s party, these are organized events ».

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