Covid, Italian study: this is how the sun destroys the Coronavirus in a few seconds

Covid, Italian study: this is how the sun destroys the Coronavirus in a few seconds
Covid, Italian study: this is how the sun destroys the Coronavirus in a few seconds

“We have shown that UVA and UVB rays from the sun completely kill Sars-Cov-2 within a few tens of seconds”. This was stated by Mario Clerici, professor of General Pathology at the State University of Milan and scientific director of the Irccs of Milan Don Gnocchi Foundation, author, together with the research group of the National Institute of Astrophysics, of an all-Italian study published today in preprint .

“This study – explains Clerici to Adnkronos Salute – is essentially the continuation of a previous work we did last year when we saw that the UVC rays, which are a component of the sun’s rays that however do not reach the earth, killed Sars -Cov-2 after a few seconds exposure. But the Uvc – Clerici reiterates – do not arrive on earth, so those data were important only from a certain point of view. Now, we have seen that even the Grapes and Uvb, which are the rays that reach the earth, tan and heat us, in a matter of a few tens of seconds they completely kill Sars-Cov-2.

So – he underlines – we have exactly replicated the data on UVCs, however, this time demonstrating that all the sun’s rays destroy the virus. And among other things – adds the immunologist – the time needed, for example when you are on the beach with the sun that is amplified by the reverberation on the sand or on the water, is even shorter. So on the beach – says Clerici – 10-20 seconds of Uva and Uvb are really enough to completely kill the virus ”.

“Our idea – explains the researcher – is that this, together with the ever higher percentage of vaccinated people, explains why with the summer we are overcoming the problem”. So why did an avalanche of infections occur in Brazil during the summer, as well as in India? “First of all it must be said that the sun – underlines Clerici – is not the only element that justifies everything we observe.

In India the religious holidays contributed with bathing in the Ganges and then there were the monsoons, so there was all the haze of the sun’s rays due to the clouds. In Brazil we all know what happened – adds the immunologist – unfortunately they paid for the Bolsonaro management, because it is true that we need the sun’s rays, but we also need masks, vaccines and everything else ”.

In any case, the experiments confirmed the effectiveness of the sun against Covid-19. “You can see in a visualization – says the immunologist – the effect of the sun’s rays on the virus: if you don’t expose it to the sun’s rays the virus infects the cells, if you expose it to the sun you kill it”.

A discovery that could have excellent applications in everyday life to sterilize objects and environments from the virus. “Last year’s data were important because they led to the development of devices that performed precisely this function but Uvc rays – recalls the scientist – are dangerous for the human skin, so you couldn’t stay in the same room where they were applied.

Uvb rays, on the other hand, are not, they are the rays that normally touch us when we go out in the sun, so this discovery has a much higher importance ”. In short, if we put normal solar lamps in the buses could we solve a problem? “Yup. Apart from the fact that we will all come out more tanned and more beautiful, what these data suggest is just that ”.

But let’s see how the experimental demonstration of this discovery came about. “The astrophysicists connected a machine that produces the different solar rays in a distinct way, so only grapes or UVBs or UVCs rather than ultraviolet – explains Clerici – then we put the machine under a hood, we took the lung cells and we threw the virus over. It is the virus that has been exposed or not to the different components of the sun’s rays.

At first – clarifies the immunologist – we used a maximum dose of the virus, therefore much much higher than that which occurs in a subject with Covid. And then we used the dose present in a patient with severe Covid, to see if it could also have potential clinical significance. And it is actually like this: the amount of virus that causes severe Covid in patients is inactivated within a few seconds “.

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