a bar license suspended

a bar license suspended
a bar license suspended

Editorial board
02 June 2021 13:26

The commissioner of Arezzo, Dario Sallustio, suspended from yesterday (1 June) and for thirty days the license for the administration of food and drinks of a bar located in Arezzo in the Villagio Dante area.

The venue had already been subjected to two similar measures during the year 2020 following episodes of drug trafficking within it and repeated violations of health prevention measures in the presence of a COVID-19 virus pandemic.

“Today’s provision of suspension of the activity of the administration of food and drinks – reads the note sent by the State Police – is part of the overall preventive system implemented by the State Police and aimed at constantly guarding the urban territory with a view to to preclude any space for illegal conduct, was adopted following umpteenth checks that made it possible to ascertain the continuous habitual frequentation of the bar by subjects burdened by numerous police records and persevering violations of the rules adopted in order to counter the spread of COVID -19 “.

The order of the Quaestor to suspend the activity finds its motivation in the need to protect public order and the safety of citizens, depriving people burdened by police records and consequently considered dangerous, of a usual place of aggregation, as well as in the need to eliminate a threat to public health and to the physical integrity of patrons, due to persistent violations of the rules set up to protect them.


bar license suspended

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