LIVE COVID-19 – Pregliasco: “By dint of reopening there is now the possibility of a virus tail hit …”. Garavaglia: “Foreigners on holiday in Italy are starting to return”. Salvini to Speranza: “Let’s avoid ridiculous limitations”

LIVE COVID-19 – Pregliasco: “By dint of reopening there is now the possibility of a virus tail hit …”. Garavaglia: “Foreigners on holiday in Italy are starting to return”. Salvini to Speranza: “Let’s avoid ridiculous limitations”
LIVE COVID-19 – Pregliasco: “By dint of reopening there is now the possibility of a virus tail hit …”. Garavaglia: “Foreigners on holiday in Italy are starting to return”. Salvini to Speranza: “Let’s avoid ridiculous limitations”

The Coronavirus emergency continues to give no respite not only in Italy, but throughout the planet. As usual, the Ministry of Health shared the bulletin containing the updates relating to the spread of COVID-19 in Italy. I’m 2.483 the new infections, while the victims in the last 24 hours are 93. The positivity rate is 1,1%. will update you LIVE with all the main news.

15:55The decline of the positives at Covid in Umbria continues, where no deaths have been recorded in the last 24 hours. According to the data of the Region updated to 2 June, the currently positive are 1,397 (96 less than yesterday). 33 new infections have been confirmed. 129 have been healed (53,634 since the beginning of the pandemic). Victims stand at 1,402. Hospitalizations are down, 62 (six fewer than yesterday), of which seven (one more) in intensive care. In the last 24 hours, 2,593 antigen tests and 1,849 swabs were analyzed. The overall positivity rate is 0.7 percent, 1.78 percent compared to molecular ones alone

15:30Today in Friuli Venezia Giulia 29 new infections have been detected on 4,266 molecular swabs, for a positive percentage of 0.68%. Furthermore, 1,995 rapid antigenic tests have been carried out, from which 6 cases were detected, for a positive percentage of 0.30%. Today there are no deaths, ICU admissions drop to 2 and those in other departments remain stable at 36. This was announced by the deputy governor of Friuli-Venezia Giulia with responsibility for Health, Riccardo Riccardi. The total deaths amounted to 3,788, with the following territorial subdivision: 815 in Trieste, 2,007 in Udine, 674 in Pordenone and 292 in Gorizia. The totally healed are 92,834, the clinical healed 5,671 and the people in isolation drop to 4,729. Since the beginning of the pandemic in Friuli Venezia Giulia, a total of 107,060 people have been positive.

15:00 – Waiting for the formalization that will arrive with a circular INPS, the directive already in force for the € 2,400 bonus should remain valid in favor of certain categories of workers. Even with the Sostegni bis, therefore, they will be able to take advantage of the bonus – albeit at reduced amounts, as it is an additional amount – households benefiting from citizenship income.

14:30 – In Tuscany I’m 241,743 cases of Coronavirus positivity, 162 more than yesterday (153 confirmed with molecular swab and 9 by rapid antigen test). New cases are 0.1% more than the previous day’s total. The healed grow by 0.3% and reach 227,895 (94.3% of total cases). Today, 9,244 molecular swabs and 8,450 rapid antigenic swabs were performed, of these 0.9% were positive. On the other hand, 5,782 subjects were tested today (with antigenic and / or molecular buffer, excluding control swabs), of which 2.8% were positive. The currently positive are 7,119 today, -6.5% compared to yesterday. There are 477 hospitalized (27 fewer than yesterday), of which 103 in intensive care (4 fewer). Today there are 4 new deaths: one man and 3 women with an average age of 82.8 years. These are the data – ascertained at 12 noon today on the basis of the requests of the National Civil Protection – relating to the progress of the epidemic in the region.

14:00In view of the summer, the Covid digital certificate ofEU should make it easier to move between member countries, though each state can decide on additional measures

13:30Fabrizio Pregliasco, researcher of Virology at the State University of Milan and medical director of the Galeazzi Hospital, has released the following statements to The print: “Since April, all the parameters tell us that the epidemiological situation is constantly improving, but … by dint of reopening there is now the possibility of a tail hit by the virus …. It would be important at this stage to relaunch the tracing to counteract and better monitor the spread of the virus “.

13:00Massimo Garavaglia, Minister of Tourism, made the following statements during his hosted in Italian stories its Rai 1: “The Italians who have decided to go on vacation and who have already booked are 10% more than last year. Foreigners are starting to return, Americans who alone are worth a point of GDP return. having had foreigners made us lose € 27,000,000,000, the return of an important share of foreigners and more Italians on vacation will mean that it will be a different season “.

12:30Matteo Salvini of the North league has made the following statements regarding the limitation of four people per table still in force in the white and yellow zone: “There is still a little something to fix: I asked Speranza to avoid the ridiculous limitation of four people at the table at the restaurant that at least in the white areas no longer make sense “.

12:00 – I’m 21.857 the new cases of positivity al COVID-19 registered in the last 24 hours in USA. The total budget of those infected since the beginning of the pandemic, on the other hand, amounts to 33.286.129.

11:30Francesco Paolo Figliuolo, extraordinary commissioner for the implementation and coordination of the measures necessary for the containment and contrast of the epidemiological emergency COVID-19, has issued the following statements regarding anti-Coronavirus: “In these hours we are distributing about 3 million and 400 thousand doses of Pfizer, which is the largest load received by Italy in a single delivery”.

11:00Roberto Speranza, minister of health, published the following post on his profile Facebook official: “From tomorrow everyone will be able to book the anti-COVID-19 vaccine. We can still accelerate our campaign to overcome this difficult season. Happy Republic Day to all”.

10:27 – Another 2.5 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines, in addition to 3.5 million Pfizer already in distribution, they are arriving this week in Italy. According to what is learned, about 370 thousand doses of Johnson & Johnson, tomorrow over 1.7 million AstraZeneca and on Friday almost 400 thousand doses of Moderna.

09:50 – Chaos for the first vaccination open day in Emilia Romagna at the fair in Bologna. At eight o’clock, the queue up to that tidy hour, jumped and almost touched the fight in front of the entrance door of the congress palace. Screams, shoves among the crowded people who competed to enter the structure. All this took place without the presence of the police or an organizational contact person. So the list that had been prepared, in self-management, according to the order of arrival by some of the boys present on the spot was not respected. And this despite the invitation of the Ausl of Bologna which doubled the available doses (from 1200 to 2400): “It is recommended to respect the order of the queue according to the time of arrival and please avoid any gathering once the allocation of excesses for the first 2400 arrivals has been completed “.

09:25 – The COVID-19 outbreak continues to run in Brazil. In the last 24 hours, 2,408 deaths and 78,926 new infections have been recorded. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the victims have risen to 465,199 compared to 16,624,480 confirmed cases

09:00 – I’m 35.435.853 the doses of vaccine against COVID-19 administered in Italy, 88.7% of the total of those delivered, which so far are 39,958,409. In detail, 27,576,022 Pfizer-BioNTech, 3,735,557 Moderna, 7,420,580 Vaxzevria (AstraZeneca) and 1,226,250 Janssen (J&J). This is what we read in the online report of the extraordinary commissioner for the health emergency updated at 06.08 today. The people who have completed the vaccination cycle are 12,294,543, 22.66% of the population.

08:40 – The lockdown a Melbourne, Australia’s second largest city, will be extended for another seven days, authorities announced today seeking to stem the recent emergence of local COVID-19 cases. The lockdown week for Melbourne’s five million inhabitants should have ended in the night between today and tomorrow. “We have to get rid of this virus, otherwise people will die,” he warned James Merlino, acting prime minister of the state of Victoria, adding that the city is dealing with a variant of the virus “more transmissible than the one we have known so far”.

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