Tagada, “no comment”. Virologist Carlo Perno freezes Tiziana Panella on Covid and suspected cases as early as 2019 – Il Tempo

Tagada, “no comment”. Virologist Carlo Perno freezes Tiziana Panella on Covid and suspected cases as early as 2019 – Il Tempo
Tagada, “no comment”. Virologist Carlo Perno freezes Tiziana Panella on Covid and suspected cases as early as 2019 – Il Tempo

Giada Oricchio

01 June 2021

The last taboo onorigin of Covid-19: it wouldn’t be animal. TO “Go back”, The afternoon program of LA7, Tuesday 1 June, on professor Carlo Federico Perno marries the thesis of the immunologist and White House advisor, Anthony Fauci: “There is something wrong”. Then a colleague freezes: “No comment”.

Tiziana Panella, host of “Tagadà” tries to unravel the skein of the Covid pandemic starting from a report in which it is highlighted that despite two US investigations on the origin of the virus, the evidence collected is not conclusive and definitive also because the infamous Wuhan laboratory does not granted the raw data to WHO, but only those already published. In addition, since September 2019 the laboratory database, until then accessible to all, has been obscured (according to the original version for a cyber attack). Therefore, without the cooperation of China, it is impossible to establish the origin of the virus that changed the world.

The professor Carlo Federico Perno, director of the Microbiology department of the Bambino Gesù pediatric hospital in Rome, agrees with the mentor Anthony Fauci: “I had the opportunity to work with him in America 36 years ago and I appreciated his preparation and his ability to say this. who thinks. Such an important director who expresses himself by saying ‘I’m not so sure it is not of human origin’ is not only the scientist speaking, it is also the institution. Evidently there is something wrong that needs to be clarified. From my point of view of all the leaps of species that have occurred in recent decades, and there have been many, we have always found the intermediate animal. This time the intermediate animal is not there. There is something wrong ”.

On the trend of Covid in Italy, Perno reassures: “I look at the data and they tell us that infections and mortality are collapsing, vaccination is moving forward at a brisk pace and we are heading towards the summer which gives us some breath. Things are pretty good based on the facts. If we don’t do nonsense, we are on the right track ”.

But Panella makes him listen to the story of the teacher Bruno Amato, vascular surgeon of the Federico II Polyclinic of Naples, on a hypothetical patient -1: “A Covid patient defined -1? It is not a competition with Codogno, but already in April 2019, one year before the outbreak was declared, I had a request from a Neapolitan patient who came from Bangkok hospitalized for a strange disease: fever, pneumonia, abdominal pain, difficulty in breathing and accentuated thrombosis in the inferior vena cava. He had fallen ill in a hotel in Bali where there was a group of Chinese from Wuhan celebrating the Chinese New Year.

At the time it was a figure not aroused of interest. The examinations of the Bangkok hospital did not lead to some precise diagnoses despite the accentuated inflammation. Subsequently the patient asked us if it could be Covid, we asked for all the medical records and the serological tests, but we cannot be sure either because the disease dates back to two years ago. what I can say is that the data was not interpreted as Covid, but there were many, many clues. We were able to make a diagnosis that is not certain but of presumption ”.

The journalist asks Professor Perno for an opinion and is frozen by a skeptic: “No comment”. Silence falls and Panella takes refuge with an embarrassed smile: “I love when Perno does this, you don’t understand what he thinks. So you exclude that it circulated in Italy in 2019? “,” Absolutely. It is impossible for it to shoot in December 2019, I repeat no comment ”is the laconic response of the immunologist. Surgeon Amato, bewildered and disturbed by his colleague’s response, specifies better: “I absolutely agree that the virus did not circulate, but it could have happened that a patient had already fallen ill”.

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