“Covid an excuse for a siesta”. The English presenter who offended Italy a year ago is bankrupt

“Covid an excuse for a siesta”. The English presenter who offended Italy a year ago is bankrupt
“Covid an excuse for a siesta”. The English presenter who offended Italy a year ago is bankrupt

TV host and doctor Christian Jessen faces bankruptcy. Jessen is remembered in Italy for when he declared that Covid was used by Italians as an excuse to rest: in his program the host declared that Italians use excuses to shut down everything and stop working “to have a long siesta”. The words at the time caused a scandal and the conductor had to apologize to Italy by saying that his statements only served to play down the tragic health situation.

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Who is Christian Jessen?

Christian Jessen is well known in his country for being a TV host, doctor and LGBTQI activist. He works as a TV presenter on the British Channel 4, where he hosts “Fat against thin” and “Embarrassing diseases” both broadcast in our country on Real Time and also collaborates with several sites and magazines. Jessen has become, in spite of himself, the protagonist of some unpleasant events: in 2015, the tabloid The Daily Star obtained a series of private messages shared by Jessen in which he claimed to possess drugs and to use them. Three years later, in August 2018, an investigation by the BBC Panorama television channel revealed Jessen’s involvement in a private online pharmacy where people could buy dangerous, uncontrolled drugs. Finally, his recent statements on Italy during the 2020 lockdown.

The lost cause and fundraising

Jessen recently lost the libel case against former Prime Minister of Northern Ireland, Arlene Foster, who sued him after a tweet in which the host spoke of his extramarital affair. The court ruled that Jessen’s claims were false and forced him to pay around € 150,000 to the former prime minister. Jessen said she doesn’t have that amount of money and recently started a fundraising campaign on GoFundMe. Jessen said she was considering an appeal and talked about her difficult last year: “The last year has been very difficult for me as I have struggled with some serious mental health issues and to know that I have your support is encouraging. I am grateful to you ».

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Covid excuse siesta English presenter offended Italy year bankrupt

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