Count Meteora, Covid changes its name and “Azelio”: so, today …

Count Meteora, Covid changes its name and “Azelio”: so, today …
Count Meteora, Covid changes its name and “Azelio”: so, today …

– the Privacy Guarantor orders Casaleggio to pass the activists’ data to M5S. Conte exults. Which, for now, remains a meteor: being a party leader is not like governing a country in the midst of the pandemic. It may seem like a blasphemy, but politically it is more difficult to put together the pieces of the grillini than to establish anti-Covid red zones

– we will not go into the details of the Riva conviction. However, it should be noted that to arrive at the first instance sentence for theIlva of Taranto it took 11 years. I say 11 years. Then complain if companies are terrified of investing in Italy

– as usual, the EU never manages to reach an agreement. With the Green Pass European foreign tourists will be able to come to Italy freely even with only one dose of vaccine, 15 days after the first injection. The Italians, on the other hand, will have to wait for the second round, because Brussels only gives the green light once the vaccination is complete. What a beautiful bureaucracy, gentlemen

– Merkel and Macron as usual make fun of us migrants. They say they are ready to resurrect the agreements of Malta, with which they would undertake to take 30% of the immigrants relief efforts in the Mediterranean. But behind it there are two uncomfortable footnotes. First problem: there is no mention of autonomous landings, which are now the majority. Second: in return they want to send all the dubliners back to us. It stinks of rip off

Beppe Signori pardoned by Gravina after the acquittal on the fiuffa of football betting. Now he can go back to coaching or becoming a sports director. There is a free bench and it is that of Lazio. It would be a show: to see it there, the writer would be willing to return to B.

– day of crazy bureaucratic Byzantines. To reopen the premises indoors, the Sardinia region requires restaurateurs to reserve for each customer 20 cubic meters of air and an air exchange of 0.5. What does it mean? That poor entrepreneurs will go mad to measure them. So much for the “return to normal”

– at Princeton they have decided that to enroll in the classical literature course it will no longer be necessary to know Latin and Greek. The reason? Fighting the “systemic racism“. In practice, given that usually young people from ethnic minorities have not studied the two classical languages ​​at school, instead of proposing special courses to make them catch up, they prefer to equalize (downwards) the level, eliminating the knowledge of Greek and Latin. A nonsense stuff

– the sardine they start selling cannabis on the street. In June, they will bring six thousand seedlings to the streets, grass that supporters will be able to take home upon payment of a donation in support of the campaign for legalization. It was better when they just attacked Salvini

– those of us who did not write, as a young man, at least once “Carlo Azelio Ciampi“In place of Azeglio? However, that the Municipality of Rome does it, and that it notices it only when Mattarella and all the high offices of the State are at the celebration, it is something never seen before. What a bad quarter of an hour that the unknown municipal employee responsible for the mess will pass

– WHO decides to change the name of the Covid variants. To hell with “Indian”, “English”, “Brazilian” and so on. The letters of the Greek alphabet will now be used. The reason? Identifying them with a country was “discriminatory”. Don’t they have anything better to do in Geneva?

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