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what Italian tourists need- Corriere.it
what Italian tourists need- Corriere.it

Let’s clear the field of doubts: if you want to move this summer you must have a certificate attesting to our health (anti Covid vaccination, or negative test or recovery from the disease). This will make it possible to avoid quarantines and additional tests in some cases, but not necessarily because it will depend on the country of destination: the EU states have exclusive jurisdiction over health and borders. Aid for the restoration of free movement in the Union will be provided by Covid digital certificate of the EU, which must be recognized by all Member States starting from July 1st.

Countries that are ready from a technological point of view will be able to start even earlier, on a voluntary basis, to issue the Covid pass and to recognize the one issued by other Member States. In fact, the EU gateway has been operational since 1 June, to which ten countries, including Italy, have already connected and seven (Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Croatia and Poland) have begun to issue the first certificates EU. Before leaving, not only planning your vacation, it is good to check the measures taken by the destination country because they can change quickly. The reopen.europa.eu site is useful as it provides updated information on the 27 Member States in good time.


No compulsory 7-day quarantine but random tests to those coming from an EU country with a certificate of vaccination against Covid (days must have passed since the second dose or single dose). The accepted vaccines are not only those approved by the EMA, but also Novavax, Sinovac Biotech, Gamaleya (Sputnik), Cansino Biologics, Sinopharm. also accepted the negative molecular PCR test, carried out within 72 hours before entering Greece (children under 5 are exempted); and the certificate of healing occurred in the last 9 months issued by a public authority or a certified laboratory. Alternatively, a positive PCR molecular test certificate performed at least two months before arrival (but no later than 9 months), which confirms healing. Certificates in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish or Russian are accepted.


Unlike Greece which has its own classification system, Croatia uses the color map that the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) publishes every week. For those coming from a non-green area, therefore from Italy, isolation is not required in these cases: full vaccination administered more than 14 days before arrival (only one dose is enough if a person has contracted Covid but must certify it); recovery from Covid in the last 6 months attested by a positive test performed in the previous 180 days or by a certificate issued by a doctor. All others must provide a negative swab (exemption under 7 years). In the absence of a valid test, a swab must be performed immediately upon arrival in Croatia at your own expense, with the obligation to remain in self-isolation until a negative result, otherwise the 10-day quarantine is triggered.


No quarantine if starting from Italy you are equipped with a negative swab, Pcr or rapid, carried out 72 hours before departure. Children under 6 are exempted. The certificate presented in digital or paper format must be the original in Spanish, English, German or French. If it is not possible to obtain it in one of these languages, it must be accompanied by one translation into Spanish, carried out by an official body. From 1 July it will be mandatory to fill in a health check form.


mandatory on molecular buffer of the Pcr-Rt type to be carried out within 72 hours of departure. The antigenic not accepted. The test is also mandatory for those who have received the first or second dose of the vaccine. Children under 11 are exempt. All those who enter France by any means must complete the self-certification.


It must also be remembered that until 31 July in Italy there is a state of emergency and that the general discipline for travel to and from abroad contained in the Prime Ministerial Decree of 2 March and in the order of 14 May of the Minister of Health who remains in force until 30 July. When returning to Italy from an EU country, the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland, Switzerland, Andorra, the Principality of Monaco and Israel, it is necessary fill in the digital localization form (digital passenger locator form: all the instructions here) in case of stay or transit in the previous 14 days and there is the obligation to present a document certifying lnegative result of a molecular or antigenic swab carried out within 48 hours before arrival in Italy.

This is waiting for the Covid pass lines to be issued.

Children under the age of two are exempt from taking the test.
In the absence of the certification of a test or the Covid pass you will have to put yourself in fiduciary isolation and health surveillance for ten days, informing the prevention department of the competent health authority for the area and at the end make a swab.

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