“I’m improving, Covid is an insidious disease” – Corriere.it

“I’m improving, Covid is an insidious disease” – Corriere.it
“I’m improving, Covid is an insidious disease” – Corriere.it

“Fortunately, I am gradually improving. My doctors have finally authorized me to resume a minimum of activity, even without leaving home yet ». Thus Silvio Berlusconi, 84, recently retired between hospitalizations and home care for the after-effects of Covid he had months ago. «The attention and participation that I have felt around me in these difficult months. The solidarity and affection expressed to me by so many Italians have not only moved me, but have given me the strength to face a difficult path: the one with the consequences and complications of an insidious and terrible disease, the same one that has sowed so much mourning and so much pain in Italy and in the world », said the leader of Forza Italia in an interview with Newspaper.

“The Zan bill adds nothing”

Among the topics covered is the Zan bill against homotransphobia. «As a liberal», Berlusconi said, «I think it is a serious mistake, because it does not widen the audience of rights and raises a serious question of freedom. I am obviously in favor of absolute equality among all citizens, who are holders of rights as persons. Any distinction based on lifestyles, sex, sexual orientation, opinions, ethnicity, religious beliefs, disabilities, social class is absolutely unacceptable. For this reason, the protections must concern all citizens, not certain categories in particular. But the laws in this regard already exist and if they are not enough we can aggravate and tighten them. The Zan law adds nothing to this protection and instead brings with it a serious risk: that of limiting freedom of opinion ». The former premier recalls that the traditional family proposed as a value, or the opposition to practices such as surrogacy, could be defined as acts of discrimination and therefore become punishable. «For this», he explains, «we certainly cannot vote for the Zan bill. Our Senator Ronzulli presented another bill, which addresses the issue of protection from discrimination in a liberal spirit. That’s the way to go ».

“I hope that Draghi will do as I do on migrants”

On the political level, Berlusconi is betting that “the good relations established by Draghi over the years in Europe will help him” because “international relations are also made up of credibility and personal trust” as “I have done for many years” and ” these are relationships that continue even today ». The Forza Italia leader hopes that Draghi will also be able to use “the Berlusconi method” in matters of immigration: “Not muscular contrasts but obstructive relations both with Europeans and with the governments of the southern shore of the Mediterranean”. Of the Draghi government he says: “It is an anomaly destined to last until the emergency can be said to be truly overcome” and then “politics will once again bring out the natural distinctions”. The forced ministers? “They are among the best in the Draghi government.” Then Berlusconi relaunches his favorite slogan: less taxes for everyone, and says: “If Italy comes out of the health emergency thanks to vaccines, it will not get out of the economic emergency if employment and consumption do not restart and if companies do not return to doing profits », therefore« all this will never happen if 60% of the wealth produced is forfeited by the state through taxes ».

«Melons? An important resource, but the prime minister is chosen by the voters “

By the way, the former prime minister proposes “no tax area up to 12,000 euros of income, a tax rate of 15% up to 25,000 euros, 23% up to 65,000 and 33% over 65,000”. As for Brugnaro and Toti, founders of Coraggio Italia where senators and deputies of Forza Italia converged, the president says that the operation “saddened me because it does the opposite of what would be necessary: ​​join forces to relaunch a large area liberal, Catholic, pro-European, guarantor of the government of the country “while” all the attempts at fragmentation have had a short life and no political perspective “. Giorgia Meloni? “It is an important resource” but the future prime minister “if the center-right governs, the voters will choose it as always, deciding which party to give more votes to.”

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