Covid, over half of the Bergamo municipalities without infection – the data

The infections descend in the Bergamo area. According to Ats data, for the week from 26 May to 1 June, the downward trend of the epidemic curve is confirmed with a decrease in cases equal to -65 (-15% compared to the previous week). The daily average of incident cases has dropped to 51, compared to 60 last week and 91 two weeks ago.

«The data therefore confirms and reinforces the decrease of the curve in the last seven days, as already noted last week – explains Ats Bergamo -. This is also highlighted by the overall weekly incidence value, at the provincial level, which drops to 31 new cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the period under observation, compared to the value of 37 last week and 56 two weeks ago ».

In the week observed, the territory of the Imagna Valley and Villa d’Almè still presents critical incidence values ​​(double compared to the provincial average), although showing signs of improvement compared to the previous two weeks.. “As a result of the containment, information and awareness actions activated by Ats In agreement with the mayors of the municipalities of the area and with the Area, a further reduction of infections and a return of the critical situation are expected over the next two weeks »explains Ats Bergamo.

In general, a further encouraging sign is the growth in the number of municipalities with zero incident cases which is equal to 135 (52% of municipalities) against 127 of the previous week and 96 of two weeks ago.. “In summary, the overall situation of the third wave in the province of Bergamo highlights, also this week, further important signs of a decrease in the epidemic curve, on a par with what was already observed last week” continues Ats which specifies: “Recent cluster situations territorial areas, such as that of the Alto Sebino area (now in the process of being resolved) and that in progress in the Imagna Valley, must remind us that the risk of possible re-emergence of the epidemic curve in our territory is always present. We reiterate, therefore, the importance of maintaining high attention on the need to respect, and rigorously enforce, all the envisaged rules, in particular on social distancing and on the use of individual protection means in the family and in extra-ordinary situations. family members “.

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Covid Bergamo municipalities infection data

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