“Full intensive care, but first improvements”

“The numbers of intensive care occupations are now decidedly high but, from our observations of these hours, the trend no longer seems to be constantly increasing, as in recent weeks. Our hope is that these signs will be confirmed. , and that, in a short time, the coveted phase of descent of the curve will begin “. This is the prediction of Alessandro Vergallo, national president of the Italian hospital anesthetists association, Aaroi-Emac who comments on the new control room monitoring data from which an increased pressure on intensive care emerges.

“If our observational data are confirmed next week, this would allow us to hope that the intensive care occupancy rate may also begin to decline,” says Vergallo, stressing that there is no contradiction with “the bad data on the situation. of today”. The employment rates of intensive care, in fact, “certainly suffer from a delay of at least 15 days with respect to the spread of infections. And therefore with respect to the effectiveness of any type of restrictive rule on the reduction of infections”. In short, the figure is high because “it refers to the infections of two weeks ago. But we hope that the clearing begins to be seen starting from next week”, he concludes.


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