Covid layoffs, INPS simplifies the request. Faster payments

One comes simplification of INPS services relating to the payment of the CIG-Covid, which aims to speed up the processing of practices and payments, against tens of millions of services provided during the emergency.

The process is simplified

The Institute has implemented some changes to usual procedures, effective from the month of April, which leverage on an optimization and automation of standard processes, to allow the benefit to be liquidated more quickly and to guarantee transparency and effectiveness of controls. THE delivery times of the redundancy fund, in regular situations, could be 40 days.

These are the innovations introduced:

  • the automation and reduction of the phases of the procedure for the examination of the files by the competent offices;
  • the strengthening of information support on the 40% advance option that the Institute pays directly to the worker;
  • a live chat for workers who want to ask questions about their Cig question;
  • the evolution of the application on the INPS portal to consult the progress of the application;
  • the “scrapping” of the SR41 form for payments and the use of UniEmens flows used by companies;

With regard to this last modification, the Institute specifies that the data can be entered by the authorized companies in the flow starting from the first days of the month following the one in which the worker appears to have been in the CIG (in May for April, in June for May and so on).

CIG-Covid in step with the boom in requests

The INPS confirmed the speed of processing the practices and payment of services for the CIG-Covid. The usual monitoring at 31 March confirmed that the authorizations to companies stood at 98.2% of total applications (3.8 million authorizations out of the 4.2 million applications submitted), while i direct payments to workers result above 99.4% of the total (19.7 million payments out of 19.8 million requests).

Direct payments concern a total of over 3.7 million workers, while there are 5,828 who must receive a first payment, of which 326 workers classified as “highly critical”. The workers who, again during the Covid period, received layoffs directly from the companies, recovered by them through compensation on the contributions paid at the earliest due date, are now over 3.5 million.


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