At Ars the debate on the Covid scandal, tension skyrocketing and screams

At Ars the debate on the Covid scandal, tension skyrocketing and screams
At Ars the debate on the Covid scandal, tension skyrocketing and screams

Tension skyrockets at the Sicilian Regional Assembly, where, after the approval of the Budget Law, the debate on the investigation by the Prosecutor of Trapani on the alleged manipulation of data of Covid infections in Sicily began. A real judicial storm that led to the arrest, among others, of the general manager of Dasoe Maria Letizia Di Liberti and the resignation of Ruggero Razza, under investigation, from the position of Health Councilor.

From the Ars a tiring green light to the Financial Act, but the majority implodes

“The government in any Assembly closes the debate – said Governor Nello Musumeci -, what I had to anticipate I did when I announced the resignation of the councilor Razza. I have nothing to add. If Parliament has questions from put it face up and eventually I will reply to the relevant ones “.

The reaction of the Five Star Movement was immediate, asking for the resignation. “Free us”, shouted Francesco Cappello.

Councilor Zambuto: “Di Liberti will be suspended”

In the classroom, the temperature rose again during the intervention of Nello Dipasquale, a deputy of the Democratic Party, who accused the government and the majority of being responsible for the deaths due to Coronavirus. At the sentences of the Ragusan deputy the center-right rose and the Ars vice president, Giovanni Di Mauro, censured the intervention: “No one is responsible for the deaths, stop insulting – Di Mauro shouted, turning to Dipasquale -. You are a provocateur, come down from the podium “.

“In this affair – said Anthony Barbagallo, secretary of the Pd Sicily and regional deputy – there are political responsibilities that are paid and there is a very evident inadequacy. The consequence of political responsibility is that you, President Musumeci, resign: not it is adequate to manage the Covid emergency and not even to lead Sicily in these difficult conditions. Sicilians need a different and better government “.

False data scandal, only one of those arrested responds to the judge

The intervention of Tommaso Calderone, parent company of Forza Italia, was clearly different in tone. “Continue in your work – he said turning to Musumeci – and to give credibility to your government: certainly you will have to make a replacement but act in continuity by giving your government a great figure of institutional depth. The judiciary will have all the time to investigate and to be involved in clarify, I have the impression that we are vulgarly anticipating the times. This is the time to wait and check, giving the bodies in charge of checking what happened – concluded Calderone -. Today I have the impression of witnessing a trial without rules that has no raison d’etre “.

In defense of the Government and of Razza, without surprises, the leader of the Diventerà Bellissima Alessandro Aricò intervened. “I am sorry for the resignation of one of the best councilors that the Musumeci government has had. The councilor Razza, who in my opinion should not have resigned because this government needed him, has achieved amazing results with goals achieved in a few years and very quickly. The government has done well up to now even if some mistakes have been made.

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