Covid Tuscany, the infections are getting worse. In red for a long time / LIVE – Chronicle

Covid Tuscany, the infections are getting worse. In red for a long time / LIVE – Chronicle
Covid Tuscany, the infections are getting worse. In red for a long time / LIVE – Chronicle
Florence, April 2, 2021 – The Covid contagion in Tuscany: yesterday 1,631 new cases in the 24 hours mortify the hope of a turnaround in the short term and reinforce the need to maintain red zone waiting to be able to send the vaccinations. With this full-wave Coronavirus result – which adds up to 32 other Covid deaths in a single day, another peak – other references worsen. The number of hospitalized patients increases, they are 24 more (total, 1849, and the CGIL reports criticality of access to the hospitals in Florence), intensive care does not decrease (265), the number of patients treated at home also increases, almost 300 more. It’s at Meadow the worst data in Italy is recorded in proportion to every 100 thousand inhabitants (HERE THE ARTICLE).

Positive note, the percentage increase of the healed (+ 0.8%) which equalizes the same value as the increase of the new positives. The batch of vaccines is urgent and decisive in Tuscany, where delays weigh too much, also due to the arrival of doses in too insufficient quantities. In this regard, with the aim of calibrating an anti-pandemic industrial production plan in the supply chain, there was a first meeting between the Tuscany Region and pharmaceutical companies. The companies responded to an appeal from President Giani. The goal was to create a vaccine in Tuscany plus other anti-pandemic products (monoclonal antibodies, diagnostic systems, immunoglobulins). Also present were the councilors Simone Bezzini (health) and Leonardo Marras (production activities) and managers of Menarini, Kedrion, Eli Lilly, Molteni Farmaceutici, Diesse Diagnostica, Aboca, Esaote, Abiogen, Toscana Life Sciences Foundation and Gsk Vaccines, who with the plant in Rosia (Siena) has the operational potential to build the vaccine supply chain in Italy on which the Government is focusing. “Such a significant response to my appeal gives me hope in the possibility of giving substance to a strategic and operational planning”, said Giani who wants to bring the Tuscan plan to the attention of the Government and to the table of Minister Giorgetti.

Read the full bulletin yesterday, April 1st

A third wave that, although less rapid than the second, is constant in the ascent of the currently positives and the hospitalized.

Vaccine covid Tuscany, the odyssey of the frail

Who are the frail? Their pathologies

Tuscany, record of vaccinations: 28,937 injections in one day

On March 31, 28,937 injections were made with the three vaccines available, Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca HERE THE ARTICLE

Covid outbreak in the Empoli Spring

After the first team, Empoli’s Primavera is also overwhelmed by Covid: sixteen positives between team and staff. HERE THE ARTICLE

Covid case at the hospital of Barga, the “bubble” reconstituted

Reconstituted the Covid bubble at the hospital of Barga (Lucca) after some cases of positivity among patients. HERE THE ARTICLE

Florence, CGIL alarm: “Hospitals at the end of the day”

The union denounces a situation of great difficulty in the hospitals in the Florentine area HERE THE ARTICLE

The third wave

In Tuscany the coronavirus contagion is still circulating in a massive form in this third wave. And the data fluctuates. In the March 31 survey, the cases returned above 1500. Throughout the month of March they never went down under a thousand. The situation of hospitalizations is worrying, now well beyond 1800. Currently, 1825 are hospitalized in Tuscan hospitals. touched the 2128 hospitalized. This is to show how this third wave is particularly stressing the regional health system.

Support for facilities for the elderly

The Tuscany Region, on the proposal of the social councilor, Serena Spinelli, has adopted two resolutions concerning the nursing homes (RSA). The resolutions intervene on two fronts in order to guarantee the effectiveness and sustainability of the system. The first fits into the groove of the Ordinances 93 and 112 and provides a clear direction on the management methodand RSA that have positive guests, defining the recognition of costs and the forms of collaboration between Rsa and health agencies, harmonizing them for the three large areas. The second identifies resources to be recognized both for the RSAs and for the higher costs incurred relating to prevention and security measures, both for the minor entries registered due to the anti-Covid measures, for a total of 20 million euros.

Lucca, third patient treated with monoclonals

Third patient treated with monoclonal antibodies at the San Luca hospital in Lucca. It is a young man, 38 years old, positive for Coronavirus, identified in the emergency room as was the case for the first two patients followed with the same treatment, on 27 and 29 March. Administering the therapy, he recalls the Asl Toscana Nord Ovest, is suitable for people with Covid but in mild or moderate clinical conditions – which therefore do not need to be hospitalized – and which present some specific risk factors.

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