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Vaccines, Breton: EU production capacity is increasing rapidly

“It is not yet time to take stock, rather for action. Let’s put things in perspective: last year the EU signed contracts with 6 pharmaceutical companies that were developing potential vaccines, securing a portfolio of over 2.6 billion doses. Sufficient doses to guarantee vaccination for all Europeans, support vaccination in other countries as well and anticipate the arrival of variants. To produce vaccines on this scale, an unprecedented increase in production capacity across Europe is required. Since February 2021, I have been in charge of the task force to ensure that this increase in industrial capacity for the production of vaccines against Covid-19 becomes a reality “.

Thierry Breton European Commissioner in charge of the Brussels task force for vaccines says this in an interview with Milano Finanza. “On the one hand, I must sadly note that one manufacturer, AstraZeneca, does not meet contractual expectations and commitments, having delivered only 30 of the 120 million doses promised by 31 March. On the other hand, there are two manufacturers, BioNTech and Moderna, who are fulfilling their commitments and (in the case of BioNTech) are even going much further, ”he adds. “Overall, the production capacity in Europe is increasing rapidly. In January 14 million doses were produced, in February 28 million, in March we expect more than 60 million, and in the second quarter we will have at least 100 million doses per month. Based on these figures, we expect Europe to be able to produce and deliver enough vaccines to Member States by mid-July to enable national governments to carry out their vaccination campaigns to achieve immunity. ‘(70 percent of the adult population). It is clear that in order to achieve this goal, unprecedented efforts will be needed in terms of logistics and distribution at the national level, such as vaccinations for example ”, he continues.


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