Covid Urbino, outbreak at the hospital – Chronicle

Covid Urbino, outbreak at the hospital – Chronicle
Covid Urbino, outbreak at the hospital – Chronicle
Urbino, 2 September 2021 – Four positives in Department of Medicine (which is not Covid) all’Urbino hospital. And nine more results affected by the virus upon arrival in First aid. A mix that triggered the red alert on Wednesday evening and yesterday morning to try to buffer the situation and avoid the expansion of the outbreak.

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The day before last night, the filter area of ​​the hospital, where positive patients are stationed, was complete: thirteen beds occupied out of thirteen. Seven of these were transferred to Pesaro: a 44-year-old woman in intensive care and the others (also not very old) in sub-intensive care.
The Management of the Vast Area, together with the staff of the Santa Maria della Misericordia of Urbino, continues to work non-stop to keep the situation under control.

The councilor for health of the Municipality of Urbino also kept the situation under observation Elisabetta Foschi. “Unfortunately, four positives were recorded in Medicine, a clean ward, which were negative upon their arrival. In routine swabs, every 4 days, they were positivized – he explains – The Management is trying to understand how it was possible even if in other cases we have seen that this happens, since the dynamics of the virus are very strange and non-linear, and an important reorganization was necessary. The other 16 swab-negative patients admitted to the ward were isolated and in any case they remain under observation. In fact, the test will be repeated “.

Hence the opening of a new area. “Medicine is an essential department that must be guaranteed. So a wing of the pediatrics left free for emergency use, and already served for similar cases, has been filled with non-Covid beds. In addition to this there is the management of the contumacial area, ie for patients who do not have the virus but different pathologies and who may be infected for other reasons “.

A Wednesday evening marked by a particularly difficult situation because to the four – we said – nine others have been added since Emergency room. “I believe that we do not have the exact perception of the fact that the virus is still circulating a lot – adds Foschi – and it is contagious. Precautions are needed. I want to say to the Asur regional management that after a year the staff find themselves with a higher amount of work due to guarantee the normal functioning of the hospital, tampons and vaccines. There are rankings, like 1,500 nurses waiting, to be hired in a lean way to be fully operational.

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