all dates and how to book

all dates and how to book
all dates and how to book

The Post Office takes the lead. In Lombardy, from Friday 2 April, the booking of anti Covid-19 vaccines will be managed by the Italian Post Office. Aria, the company of Palazzo Lombardia, definitively leaves the scene after the inconvenience due to the text messages that never left with consequent saved appointments.

The communication arrived on Wednesday, when General Francesco Paolo Figliuolo, national commissioner for the Covid emergency, took stock of the situation after visiting the Lombard vaccination hubs. “Is everything okay? No – he explained -, there are things to fix, but we point them out and remedy them. Obviously we do not live in the ideal country, problems may arise, but we will improve thanks to the information systems that will be managed by the structure from tomorrow on. Commissioner of the Italian Post Office; I am therefore confident that it will do even better “, Figliuolo’s words.

How to book the vaccine on the Poste website.

From tomorrow, Lombard citizens will be able to book anti Covid vaccines. But how does it work? The site can be reached at this link and, from time to time, will be open to categories that can book.

In Lombardy, the first who will be able to register on the Poste website will be the over 75. The massive phase of vaccinations, according to what President Attilio Fontana reported, will start from 13 April precisely with that age group, while the over 80 should receive all at least the first dose by 11.

From Friday 2 April – according to what was explained in the press conference – people between 75 and 79 years old will be able to book and then be vaccinated about ten days later. From 15 April the age group from 70 to 74 will follow, while from 22 April those from 60 to 69 years.

To register you need an identity document, the health card and the postal code of the place of residence, which must be entered in the second screen that opens automatically on the site. At that point the portal offers a list of vaccination centers – distributed according to the distance from the residence and found thanks to the postcode – and days and times for the potential appointment.

Once the user has selected the choices, the platform will process the information and send a confirmation sms. It will be possible to book through the website, or by calling the toll-free number 800894545 which will answer from Monday to Friday from 9 to 18. You can also book at ATM Postamat of Poste Italiane by inserting your health card where normally the ATM is inserted, or by contacting the postmen who will use their PDAs supplied to book.

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