Chaos contagions Covid, Orlando asks for reliable data on Palermo: “Essential to take measures”

Chaos contagions Covid, Orlando asks for reliable data on Palermo: “Essential to take measures”
Chaos contagions Covid, Orlando asks for reliable data on Palermo: “Essential to take measures”

Coronavirus in Sicily, data chaos continues: today’s positives would be 511 in the province of Palermo, but the conditional is a must Furthermore, the municipal subdivision of the cases is not clear. For this reason, Mayor Leoluca Orlando wrote a letter to the ad hoc commissioner for the Covid-19 emergency in the province of Palermo, Renato Costa, and to the general director of the Palermo ASP, Daniela Faraoni.

In the letter – also addressed to the Minister of Health, the President of the Sicilian Region and the prefect of Palermo for information – the mayor notes that “the data just released by the National Civil Protection show, for the metropolitan area of ​​Palermo an increase in infections equal to 214.15 per hundred thousand inhabitants, without specific references to Palermo or to the other Municipalities “.

“The general picture that the data show on a regional scale – continues the mayor – is extremely worrying, with a 43% increase in positives compared to a 59% decrease in tampons“.

“The availability of up-to-date, consistent and valid data is the basis on which to issue (or not to issue) provisions which are the responsibility of this municipal administration or which may be requested from it, which is why – concludes Orlando – once again I must ask ‘sending constant information, daily as regards the city as a whole and at least weekly as regards its areas “.

“The mayor of Palermo Leoluca Orlando gets the data from the region, I don’t have them, I’m working on them, I don’t know them, I haven’t transmitted them yet”. This is Costa’s response, consulted by Italpress after the letter sent by the mayor of Palermo to request updated data and constant information. “If I’m worried? Don’t let me be a magician, I don’t have the data, when I get it I’ll be able to tell”.

“There is a situation that registers an increase, but the pandemic has taught us that the trend is wavy, has moments of decline and moments of growth. In the province there are countries where the concern is greater, Palermo city registers an increase like all of Sicily but we are working very hard, we are working on vaccinations so that it reaches the entire population and this is also thanks to family doctors, doctors of continuity of care, outpatient specialists. Today 750 doctors have joined our plan with the aim of reaching ever larger spaces of the population. “Thus the general director of the Palermo ASP Daniela Faraoni.

“The pandemic has taught us that we must stay on the alert – continues the director of the provincial company – but we have learned to live with this tragedy and we have the possibility to count on citizens. Now we understand that we can tackle the problem in the homes, the people know they don’t have to go to hospital; this allows us to be able to provide adequate measures. ” For Faraoni it is necessary “to face the problem with the necessary composure, aware of gravity”.

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