downtown shop closed for five days

Controls by the Local Police continue to enforce the containment rules of the pandemic. During one of these operations, inside one of the shops of the Kasanova chain in via Santa Lucia, the agents on duty in civilian clothes verified that the shop specializing in household items was open to the public despite the commercial retail activity being suspended. : in fact, the opening of the shop was allowed as it was in any case authorized the sale of basic necessities, including, for example, small household appliances.


The agents could therefore ascertain that the display of the items on the shelves was not duly distinguished between products of free sale and products that were not available for sale on the spot. And since it was also ascertained through the feedback provided by the verification of the tax receipts that two customers had just purchased products that could not be sold at retail, such as cake molds, perfumers and ceramic mats, the expected administrative penalty of 400 euros was applied. when the shop closes for a period of five days. No other irregularities were found in the shops subsequently checked


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