“Still too many people around, everywhere”

“Still too many people around, everywhere”
“Still too many people around, everywhere”

LECCE – In Puglia still too many positive cases at Covid – 2,369 according to the latest bulletin, the highest figure of the entire pandemic – and the councilor for Health, Pier Luigi Lopalco he does not go into the subtlety: “The pressure on the health system is very high. That is why it is important to comply with safety and prevention measures. Although the rules limit the possibilities of movement to a minimum, it is visible to all that there are still too many people around, everywhere. This opens up highways for the virus, which thrives on contacts “.

The exponent of the regional council launches a very explicit warning: “The upcoming Easter holidays will be another turning point of the pandemic. We must avoid moving from home, so as not to worsen the situation. not peak, we protect people not yet immunized ed let’s avoid making Easter greetings in person. A courtesy visit to exchange greetings can be the prelude to a tragedy. The virus walks on whoever it meets, greets or hugs and spreads at very high speed ”.

In short, the recommendation of the Puglia Region is to behave even more rigorously than the decree of the President of the Council of Ministers: as is known, in fact, from Saturday to Monday, from 5 to 22, it will still be allowed, even in red zone, one trip per day to go to someone else’s home, as long as it is in the same region, for a maximum of two people (in addition to children under 14 or non self-sufficient or disabled people).

The numbers, moreover, do not grant respite, although today’s data seems conditioned by the “recovery” of results not communicated in recent days, as shown by the case of the province of Foggia where in the space of 24 hours it has gone from 195 to 562 new positives (the graph, on page 2 of the bulletin, does not show changes in the regional total considering the swabs by date of collection). The incidence in Puglia is however high, equal to 319 new positives every hundred thousand inhabitants in seven days, while in detail in the province of Lecce is 216. Patients hospitalized in Apulian hospitals are 2,115 (15 more than yesterday), of which 260 in intensive care (with 21 admissions), and 36 were registered deaths, one of which in the province of Lecce. The figure of the healed undergoes an increase of 1,158 units while that of the current cases of Covid reaches 48,032.

Vaccinations in Salve and Acquarica-Presicce

While the vaccination campaign continues, punctuated by the alternating current of supplies, the director of the socio-health district of Gagliano del Capo, Rocco Palese, has scheduled two days of administration of Pfizer doses for 600 seniors over eighty: tomorrow, Friday, it will be the turn of 300 residents of Salve (from 9 to 21 at the council chamber of the Municipality) and on Saturday, again from 9 to 21, it will be the turn of 300 inhabitants of Acquarica-Presicce at the Cittadella della Salute in via Giulio Cesare Vanini.

In the entire province of Lecce, 27,056 over 80 people have been given the vaccine, among these 19,148 have already received the second dose. Today 270 have been vaccinated, residing in Cavallino and Lizzanello which are among the Salento municipalities with the highest incidence. The administrations for cancer patients in the Dea point continue: to date there are 200 vaccinated, but Silvana Leo, director of medical oncology at “Vito Fazzi” remarked, with great disappointment, how the 10 percent of cancer patients refused to be vaccinated. Finally, 72 people who had previously undergone transplantation were also vaccinated.

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