Armored Easter: Covid rules on visits, travel and travel

Armored Easter: Covid rules on visits, travel and travel
Armored Easter: Covid rules on visits, travel and travel

Easter lunch, second homes on Easter Monday, travels, visits, transfers, walks, restaurants, shops: guide to Covid regulations from 3 to 5 April.

With the approval of new Decree Covid with the rules from 7 to 30 April, all restrictions on travel and visits, economic and tourist activities are now defined until the end of the month and during Easter holidayswhen different rules are followed. A series of local ordinances are added to the provisions of the previous DL and DPCM, which introduce bans on access to second homes for residents and non-residents. Let’s see below the general rules, first in summary and then in detail.

Covid rules for the Easter bridge

So let’s see a summary of all the Covid rules that must be followed from Saturday 3 to Monday 5 April, the three days of the Easter weekend, when essentially all of Italy is red zone.

  • The displacements they are also forbidden within the municipality of residence.
  • I shops they are closed with the exception of those considered essential.
  • Bar and restaurants they cannot do table service.
  • The visit relatives and friends can be done: within the Region, from 5 to 22, once a day, in a maximum of two people, to which children under 14 or people with disabilities living together can be added.
  • The second box, according to national legislation, if owned or rented from 14 January (in general, short rentals for the Easter week are prohibited) can also be reached by leaving your municipality and region. There are also further restrictions determined by regional ordinances in Campania, Liguria, Marche, Tuscany, Sardinia, Puglia, Valle d’Aosta, Province of Bolzano.

Transfers at Easter

From 3 to 5 April the red zone rules, therefore the movements are also limited within the municipality of residence, to leave the house it is necessary to self-certify the reasons of health, work or necessity, at any time.

There are though activities freely allowed.

  • Take a walk: it is always allowed near your home. It is possible to leave your home to shop in shops that may remain open (buy the newspaper, do the shopping, go to the pharmacy, and so on). It must always be remembered that all movements are subject to the prohibition of gathering, and to the obligation to respect the minimum safety distance of one meter between people: this obligation (the spacing) is not necessary for the accompanying person of minors, or to non self-sufficient people.
  • Go to the church: as far as possible, in the vicinity of your home.
  • Visits to relatives and friends: in these three days they are allowed within the Region (two people plus any minors or people with disabilities living together) from 5 to 22, once a day. In the event of an Easter or Easter Monday lunch, the usual rules on masks, spacing and local ventilation apply.
  • Access to parks and gardens: it is allowed except for local ordinances of prohibition, without gatherings and at a safe distance.
  • Take your dog out or the pet animal: without gatherings and keeping a distance of one meter.
  • Motor activity: it is allowed if carried out individually, respecting the distance of one meter, in the vicinity of one’s home.
  • Sport activity: running or cycling even out of town but only for the need to follow a path (not to reach a different destination).
  • Throw the waste.
  • Visit of relatives who are not self-sufficient.
  • Assistance to non self-sufficient relatives: even outside the Municipality and Region if it is not possible to provide assistance through people who live nearby, and only those strictly necessary (eg: only one adult relative, possibly accompanied by minors or disabled people).
  • Visits to children: separated or divorced parents can join the children who live with the other parent / custodian and pick them up, even between different Municipalities and Regions, choosing the shortest route.

These are the main rules, then there are particular cases. You can consult the FAQ published on the portal of the Presidency of the Council.

Economic activities from 3 to 5 April

Only the shops that come are open essential genres, listed inannex 234 of the Prime Ministerial Decree of 2 March. Among others: groceries, pharmacies and parapharmacies, tobacconists, newsstands.

I bars and restaurants can stay open but cannot provide table service, take-away is allowed (up to 6 pm for shops with ATECO 56.3 code such as bars, pubs, breweries, up to 10 pm for all the others) or home deliveries without limits schedule.

Second box

As mentioned, they can also be reached outside the Region, with the exception of those who have issued specific ordinances. Very briefly, second homes not accessible to those who do not reside in Marche, Tuscany, Sardinia, Valle d’Aosta, autonomous province of Bolzano. Stop also for residents in Campania, Liguria and Puglia. To go to Sicily you have to swab within 48 hours prior to arrival.

There are also specific rules provided for by local ordinances. So, before moving, the best thing is to consult the portal of the Region and the Municipality where the second home is located to check which measures are applied to the specific territory. Important: in all cases, only members of the family nucleus can move to second homes, without non-cohabiting relatives or friends.

Travel until 6 April

The travel for tourism in Italy they are not allowed. You can go abroad, even crossing municipal or regional borders to reach the airport or station. Those returning from EU countries must do, in addition to the swab in the previous 48 hours, a five-day quarantine and a second swab at the end of the same. It is then necessary to consult the lists published on the portal of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to check which are the countries in which one can travel for tourism, in which cases a longer quarantine is foreseen (for example 14 days for those returning from the USA and Great Britain), or what are the destinations that cannot be reached for tourism.

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