“Inevitable, but the tampons must be free for everyone”

“Inevitable, but the tampons must be free for everyone”
“Inevitable, but the tampons must be free for everyone”

“The Green pass today it is an inevitable solution. Obviously it does not guarantee a zero risk of contagion and that it is a difficult subject to legislate on ». But we need to try. “We need to find ways to regulate other specific uses of green certification, such as the experiments on discos that are being talked about a lot.” For Nino Caratabellotta the vaccination pass is “a controversial subject”. Not on a theoretical level, there are few doubts – «It helps to break down the infection» and «It can convince the Ni-Vax» – as in its practical applicability. In other words, the president of Gimbe, the foundation that since the beginning of the health emergency has become a point of reference with its independent analyzes of the contagion data, fears that even the pass will become an unmanageable tool for Italy and that this brake use.

Vaccine, can you travel after the first dose? Green pass, tampons, recall: rules and prohibitions

Dr. Cartabellotta, there is a lot of talk about the Italian Green pass and that of the European Union, as well as the possibility of using it more extensively than what is provided for in the decree of last April 26. What is your opinion? Do you consider it a valid tool?
“Of course. It is evident that if I find a way to promote the circulation only of people vaccinated, cured or with a negative tampon in the previous 48 hours, I reduce the probability of spreading the infections. All the more so if you can then expand its use. Today, in fact, the green pass is designed only to allow Italians to move between Regions of different colors. But we can look for a way to extend it ».

There has been much talk of experiments in discos or of its use for weddings. Or maybe for fairs and conferences.
«I tell you clearly: I hope that the government will find a way and with a legislative act it will regulate other specific uses of the pass. However, it is necessary to clear the field of all doubts, in order to make it more effective ».

For example? What doubts do you have?
“I keep myself out of the privacy management assessments because it is not my responsibility. We agree to place three different situations on the same level (negative buffer, Covid19 recovery and vaccine ed) which, however, are not perfectly equivalent in terms of risk – but that’s okay, zero risk does not exist and a compromise is needed – but also in terms of access. And this is not good. To date, access to vaccines, paid for by the state, is not yet for everyone. And the alternative, the buffer, is the responsibility of the citizen. For this reason, from the point of view of the essential levels of assistance, the state should pay the buffer. Obviously it is not feasible today, but it is a theme. Not the only one however ».

That is?
«The decree provides for the implementation of a digital platform that does not yet exist today. The impossibility of having it available in a short time, and therefore having to use a self-certification and three paper documents, is a serious stumbling block “.

Extending the Green pass, making it easier for the country to restart, however, can also be a valid tool to convince the undecided that they have not yet been vaccinated.
«43% of the population in the 60-69 range did not get vaccinated and, above all, did not book. And this is a problem. A vaccination campaign of this magnitude must have three phases. The first is that with voluntary booking, then the so-called active call, and finally the obligation if the residual quota does not allow to secure the country. Economic incentive strategies are also used: in the US, West Virginia, they also used financial incentives of up to $ 100 for young people. In Italy this discourse is missing, but the green pass can also work in this way ».

Can you explain the concept of an active call to me?
«Once the volunteers are exhausted, a fearful band remains, waiting. I Ni Vax. There is a need for the person in the healthcare world closest to them, someone who knows how to do it, to call them one by one to reassure them and convince them. For me, this is the real role of the family doctor who must not only play the role of vaccinator, but make the best use of the trust relationship with his clients ».

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